The Surprising Reason Why Women Should Go Commando…and The Leggings That You NEED For It

We’ve all done it before - that is, gone commando.

By Nao Quiñones | July 24, 2018, 11:40am EST

Maybe you were heading out for a night on the town and didn’t want that ‘visible panty line’ (the dreaded VPL!). Or more embarrassingly, you just didn’t have any clean underwear left!

Regardless of the reason, you should be doing it more frequently according to gynaecologists.


It’s Not Good To Keep Your Lady Bits Locked Up

Like all other body parts, your female anatomy needs air too.

Wearing underwear all day and night causes heat and sweat to build-up down there and increases your risk of yeast or other types of nasty infections.

Lycra and lace or other non-breathable materials are the worst offenders as they can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina.

And while it might not make sense that doing something healthy like working out can actually increase your risk for a yeast infection, it could be a possible cause. Yeast infections thrive when you wear incredibly tight clothing.

What’s a Girl To Do?

You could wear a panty liner. After all, we’ve been bombarded with marketing that tells us that wearing a panty liner will keep your genitals fresh and clean - but actually the opposite is true.

A panty liner prevents air from flowing freely in the genital area, thus trapping moisture and heat. Plus most liners are made with a synthetic plastic that actually creates a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, boosting your risk for a vaginal infection.

Not to mention that a panty liner can rub against your labia, causing irritation. And if the panty liner is scented, the chemicals used to make it fragrant can irritate your sensitive tissues.

‘Go Commando Yoga Pants’ By Dear Kate


Dear Kate, a bold company founded by women looking to change the way society views underwear, has a line of ‘Go Commando Yoga Pants’ that are lined with revolutionary underlux fabric technology and are designed to be worn with nothing underneath.


The underlux is sewn into the crotch in a shape that’s similar to a maxi pad. The patented fabric is made of three layers that are all sweat-wicking, absorbent, and stain resistant. This means you no longer have to worry about panty lines, having to shift around your underwear or that annoying rubbing feeling between your butt cheeks again!


Dear Kate's patented technology utilizes triple layer protection that's breathable. By avoiding plastics in their fabric it reduces bacterial built up commonly found in other leggings and pads.

Unlike most of their competitors, Dear Kate garments are 100% fabric and 100% breathable, with no plastic films or laminates like Polyurethane Laminates (PUL), because they care about your hygiene, comfort and cleanliness.

Not Your Regular Yoga Pants

Dear Kate offer everyday piece-of-mind, keeping you worry-free and fear-proof all month long. Some uses may include:

  • Period protection - Coverage against leaks and stains of menstrual blood
  • Spotting - Protection from occasional spotting due to a variety of medical conditions
  • Postpartum - Daily coverage from postpartum bleeding
  • Discharge - Protection against regular discharge
  • Incontinence - Quick dry absorption of everyday bladder leakage

Dear Kate is making it easier to join the movement. Leave your panties at home and start going commando in confidence!


Now Available For 40% Off - Limited Time Offer

Dear Kate is making it really affordable for you ditch you drawers! For a limited time only, they are offering readers of this article the Go Commando Yoga Pants for a 40% off sale price of only $60.00 (regular price $100). Due to an increase in recent media coverage, we can’t guarantee that inventory will last much longer, so claim your pair today!

Product Reviews

Mary L. Verified Buyer 08/02/18

These are actually cute!
I love these, I have actually tried other brands and I feel like I am wearing adult diapers. These make me feel girly and like I am just wearing a normal pair of cute and sexy underwear.

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Olivia M. Verified Buyer 08/01/18


On Nellie Hipster Mini

Amanda O. Verified Buyer 08/01/18

Best Period Ever!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I've previously used another brand of period panties. I thought I knew what to expect. Holy Canoli, was I wrong!!! These are so much more comfortable and they make me feel totally glam! They make even the most dramatic period day so chill! I will definitely be ordering more.

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