10 Celebrity Men Who (Probably) Blatantly Had PMS Episodes

10 Celebrity Men Who (Probably) Blatantly Had PMS Episodes

Male PMS is a real thing. Anyone who has witnessed a guy have a mini meltdown for seemingly no reason can attest to this. Celebrities are no exception. They just generally are able to keep things together so their public PMS displays are few and far between.

But the guys who made this list are not of that class. They PMS-ed all over the place and provided us with interesting evidence, which we will now explore together.

Shia LaBeouf

He hit a rough patch in the last couple of years. But, one instance that was a PMS moment happened a couple of years ago when he appeared on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival, in a full, tailored suit, with a brown paper bag over his head. Although Shia has given us a few moments that could possibly qualify as a PMS meltdown, this one is one that I can personally relate to. “Oooo! Look at my awesome suit. But, WTF is going on with my face and hair?! No problem. Paper bag over the head, it is!” Hell, I’ve wanted to do the same thing myself a handful of times!

Justin Bieber

This is another one with PMS moments that could go down in history. And he’s had a bunch. The most recent one was at a hockey game that he played at the Toyota Sports Center. Another player broke his hockey stick and the Bieb gets in his face, ready to fight. If a celebrity, whose net worth is well over $200 million, crying over a broken hockey stick that wasn’t even his to begin with doesn’t spell PMS melt down, I’m not sure what else does.


Who doesn’t want to punch someone in the face when they’ve got PMS? While on stage performing at a concert last year, Afroman slapped a fan who had gotten up on stage. This had to be PMS because only someone who was about to come on their period would ever hit a woman the way that he did and then go back to playing a guitar like nothing even happened.

Snoop Dogg

This is a name that I NEVER thought would be added to the list of male PMS-er, yet here he is. And rightfully so! He was late to the interview, which the interviewer didn’t hesitate to point out. Snoop Dogg was more than a little irritated, snapping that the interviewer should be glad that he even showed up. When asked why he was late, he blamed fried chicken. That definitely sounds like some PMS-induced madness to me!

Jonah Hill

The next meltdown features very funny actor, Jonah Hill. He angrily snapped at a reporter, blaming his outburst on his new diet and “reporters who keep asking how it feels to be unattractive. What solidifies this as a PMS moment was his expressing his intense desire to knock the reporters teeth out of his mouth, but walks away slapping the reporter’s notes to the ground. PMS, much?


With all the heartfelt crooning that he does, it should be no surprise that Drake tops the list as a PMS-ing male. In an interview, he’s shown a picture of a fan who has tattooed his name on her forehead. When he’s shown the picture, he looks on with twinkling admiration. He then goes on a rant, berating and making threats of violence against the tattoo artist. It was almost like a Tourettes outburst because he returns to the nostalgic happy look that he originally had when beginning the conversation. Sounds like a hormone-driven mood swing to me.

Burt Reynolds

Then, there’s Burt Reynolds. On an appearance on the tonight show, he showed the world that his period was imminent by being visibly irritated and throwing so much share toward Mark Summers. When Summers threw shade at Reynolds about not being married, he very politely poured water into his lap. He followed that up by cold cocking him in the face. It was like I could hear him calling him a bitch in his mind.

Mike Tyson

Bit a dude’s ear off. When a boxer resorts to such cattiness, what do you call it? PMS. That’s what.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale lost his cool while filming a movie when someone walked behind a co-star in a scene. Even when attempts were made to calm him down, he went on and on. BECAUSE DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. The guy apologizes and he STILL keeps going. I heard PMS all over that, unbridled and uncontrolled. He even threatened to quit the movie if the guy wasn’t handled.


I think he might perpetually be coming on his period. It takes only to do a quick Google search to see that angry outbursts are commonplace. Even his music references him fighting reporters or anyone else who slights him. His most recent display, which reminded me of a jaded ex being escorted out of an wedding that he was attempting to run, resulted in his being committed to a mental hospital. Every PMS-ing woman has probably secretly wondered if she should be committed after a hormonal onslaught. Sweet Yeezus, welcome to the club.

PMS can happen to anyone, even men and celebrities. If you are a guy who has had some PMS experiences, know that you are not alone.

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