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10 Super Simple PMS Pick-Me-Ups

Jessica Lollino

Posted on July 04 2017

Some things are inevitable as a woman; getting PMS is one of them for over 85 percent of women. Wildly fluctuating hormones akin to an endocrine tornado complete with flying cows is one reason PMS may be invading your emotional trailer park.

Your normally Amazonian pain-tolerance is now set off by the slightest breeze, and you aren’t getting the shut-eye you need as your body prepares to clean the oven figuratively can also lead to less than rational moments and a blue ‘tude. You get moody and emotional (and hey, that’s okay!) and in need of a little pick-me-up to turn your frown upside down.

Of course, we got you. Try one of these sure-fire strategies to vamoose the mopes in no time:

Two Words: PMS Playlist. Mine is full of my favorite songs and artists and is specifically designed to facilitate the many rainbows of emotion I skip through during my pre-cycle time. Also, sad songs can actually make you happier, so crank up the Adele! Curious what my list includes? Check it out here.

Volunteer. Get out of your head and instead cuddle some pups at a nearby animal rescue. The snuggles do you both good and who knows, maybe you’ll end up adopting a furball to be your permanent snuggle buddy.

Get Physical. Whether its aerial yoga, bungee workouts, or just a run, physical activity will catapult you out of your funk.

Have a Laugh. The beauty of the internet is that you have a bevy of hilarious videos at your fingertips. Try a little Lonely Island, Epic Rap Battles in History, or funny animal videos to lighten your mood and work those abs with laughter!

Get outdoors. Lack of sunshine can cause a blue mood, so head outdoors for a walk or maybe even a romantic picnic to load up on bad mood busting Vitamin D.

Dark Chocolate. Not only is it yummy and feels like the right thing to do when PMS rears its ugly head, but it also reduces stress hormones and gives you a bump of serotonin which increases happiness.

Buy yourself a little something. I like fresh-cut flowers when I am feeling blue. Others would rather have that new Boy Smells candle or a pair of cozy pajama pants to lift their spirits. Enjoy a little retail therapy and treat yourself to a little something that puts a smile on your face.

Stretch or take a yoga class. Get synovial fluid moving by enjoying some extensive stretching. If you opt for yoga, it intrinsically brings your energy inward which should help invigorate you and bring a sense of relief.

Rally the Squad. You may not feel very social, but gathering with your crew could be just what you need to beat the blues. By doing something social with one or more dear ones, you increase feelings of connection and generally end up laughing which makes your internal skies brighter.

Cupcake and a Nap. I am a long-time believer in the (okay, my) philosophy that most things can be solved or at least quelled with a cupcake and a nap. The sweetness of food and the sweetness of sleep together just work. Try not smiling when you are enjoying a moist, delectable cupcake or the sweet sigh of letting go into a restful repose.

PMS isn’t forever, and with these strategies, you can retake the acronym by making it stand for Perpetually Manifesting Sunshine.

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