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5 Foods to Help Alleviate Your PMS Symptoms

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Posted on November 22 2016

Cramps. Irritability. Bloating. The urge to murder. Over 85% of women experience PMS symptoms, so if you feel all the feelings during that time of the month, you are not alone.

Eating can feel like the only solution when you’re curled up in a ball, wondering when the hellishness will subside. Happily there are some foods that actually do help alleviate your PMS symptoms.


Beans, beans, the magical fruit! Yes, they are! Beans can help you reduce water retention, which lessens bloating. They also help you with your mood because of the magnesium.

How to eat: Throw some beans in that gallon of soup or mix some lentils into a spaghetti sauce.


Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is often recommended over regular yogurt because greek yogurt has protein in it, which can help you feel full. It is also full of calcium which helps reduce your period symptoms. Cclci-YUM.

How to eat: Toss some greek yogurt into a smoothie, or just take that container and a spoon and plop down on the couch.

greek yogurt


Eggs are very high in Vitamin D, E, and B6 which have been shown to help reduce symptoms of PMS, including that irritable mood THAT NO ONE SHOULD EVER MENTION.

How to eat: Your way. Everyone has their way.



Bananas are high in B6 and Potassium, which help to reduce cramping. They are a cheap food to take on the run, should you decide to leave the house. Check out this awesome All-in-One Nutritional Guide to Bananas!

How to consume: Add them to a smoothie, place atop your oatmeal, or grab one for on the go.

Camomile Tea

Need a drink? Camomile tea can help soothe your symptoms by relieving your cramps. It can also help ease your mood.

How to consume: Try sipping a cup before you go to bed.

chamomile tea

You should also boost up your water consumption during your period. And, it has to be said, try cutting out alcohol and limiting your caffeine intake because these things can exacerbate your symptoms. Try.

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