5 Reasons Why You May Experience Weight Gain During Your Period

5 Reasons Why You May Experience Weight Gain During Your Period

Ever notice how before your start bleeding you feel like you are about to pop and pretty much live in sweatpants? Fear not, weight gain during your period is very normal. Also, sweats are the best.

During the second half of your cycle, before you start bleeding, you can gain as much as ten pounds. There are a handful of medical and lifestyle reasons for this weight gain. Let’s go through them:

Reasons for weight gain during your period

  1. Eating too much salt and sugar – During this time, many women crave salt and sugar. The amount you consume has a lot to do with how much weight you will gain.
  2. Hormonal changes – Fluid retention due to hormone changes can cause breast tenderness, swelling in yourhands and feet, abdominal bloating and weight gain.
  3. Bloating and gassiness – Bloating and gas are also to blame for your extended abdomen before (and during) your period.
  4. Low magnesium levels – Low magnesium levels can cause a slight increase in your weight because low magnesium levels increase your hunger levels.
  5. Low Calcium levels – Low calcium levels can also add to water retention during this time, as the body’s cells want to hold onto water when someone’s calcium levels are low.

Most women will lose the excess weight soon after their period starts. So there’s the silver lining. However, if you don’t lose the weight at this time, it may be worth looking into other causes. We’re got some ways to help with bloating during your period.

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