7 Reasons You Might Miss a Period (Other Than Being Pregnant)

7 Reasons You Might Miss a Period (Other Than Being Pregnant)

For the sexually active and not-so-safe among us, having a late period is a nerve-wracking experience and skipping a period can be totally terrifying. The truth is, there are numerous non-pregnancy related reasons why you might miss a period entirely, some more concerning than others.

Exercising too much

While exercise is a certainly good thing, working out excessively can have detrimental effects on your body. If you push your push too hard, you may have trouble producing enough oestrogen to complete your menstrual cycle, which can result in missed periods.


Feeling stressed? It’s pretty standard, but did you know it can cause you to miss your period? This is due to hormonal imbalances, ovarian dysfunction, which can lead to issues with estrogen production, ovulation, or other reproductive processes.

Weight gain/weight loss

If you’ve experienced major weight gain or weight loss, you may miss a period or multiple periods. This is likely due to estrogen levels. If you are seriously underweight, you are unable to release estrogen, which is necessary to build up the uterine lining; if you are seriously overweight, you may be producing too much estrogen. Both can impede menstruation.


Certain medications can interfere with regular menstruation. Birth control is one of the most common reasons to miss a period or multiple periods, because some methods work by preventing ovulation, which stops you from having your period. Additionally, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs and antipsychotics can effect menstruation.


During breastfeeding, your body is producing prolactin (the hormone responsible for breast milk production), which also suppresses ovulation, meaning skipping a period is common for women during this time.

Thyroid Disorder

When the thyroid doesn’t function properly, it can cause abnormal menstrual changes, including missed periods.


PCOS is caused by a hormonal imbalance, which creates problems in the ovaries and affects how the ovaries function. This can cause irregular menstrual periods and missed periods.

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