A Simple and Encouraging Guide to Having Sex on Your Period

A Simple and Encouraging Guide to Having Sex on Your Period

Why should you let your period interrupt your happy, sexy times?

And let’s face it: guys don’t care what’s going on with us or anything when it comes to those sexy times. All they want to know is that the sexy times are actually going to be happening. So, how do we find this happy place where you feel sexier when unsexy things are happening in and around your body?

What’s in it for me?

  1. Lightened, shorter periods. Women who engaged in sexual activity while on their period experienced lighter periods. This makes sense since the muscles engaged during sex would cause the uterus to contract. It’s kind of like a dress rehearsal. Or playing catch with your dog, but not really throwing the ball.
  2. Sexual pleasure. Well, duh.
  3. Better moods and energy levels. Done within reason (meaning with adequate time for eating and sleeping), it can be a great cardio workout. The benefits of getting the heart pumping have been long since understood.

Benefits to the side for a minute, at the end of the day, our sensuality and sexuality are only relative to how we feel about ourselves. Some women who experience severe menstrual symptoms don’t feel as though they could muster enough sexiness to enjoy sex while on their period.

Talk about it

If you can have sexy times with someone, sharing the most intimate part of yourself, a simple conversation should be welcomed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share how you feel. Most women are surprised that the things that worried them are nonissues. Learning this, though, may be a necessary step in the process for some.

Be Creative

Sometimes, the fear that women have is how it will look to see a pool of blood in the wake of some sexy times. But there are simple solutions to this. Make the time you are on your period and want sexy times something special in a positive way instead of looking at how it may hinder things. Get a special red or dark comforter set, scents, oils, or lotions that you use ONLY during this time of the month.


Chances are good that, if you still have an issue with all the sexiness while on your period, you haven’t stopped overthinking it long enough to try it and enjoy it. The key to being able to do all of this is to relax. This is where the trust you have built with your partner is going to come into play.

There is nothing sweeter than knowing that even during a time that many have coined a curse there can be enjoyment of the sexiness. As always, good sanitation and hygiene is a must and staying safe in a sexy environment is so important.

Meaning condoms.

Wear them.

It will be exciting to see more women embracing this part of themselves and sharing tales of their sexy times!

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