Babypops: All About Freezing Your Eggs & Why it's So In Right Now

Babypops: All About Freezing Your Eggs & Why it's So In Right Now

Is it just me, or did egg freezing just become a major topic of conversation as of late? Nearly two years after both Facebook and Apple announced egg freezing as a benefit for employees, it is now a hot brunch topic for women in their 20’s and 30’s. Seem a little too sci-fi for you? Let’s demystify the process and the reasons why women are temporarily redirecting their dairy section to the frozen aisle.

Building your Empire or Waiting for Mr. (or Ms.) Right

Why is freezing your eggs such an exciting option? The two biggest reasons women freeze their eggs directly relate to career building and finding the right partner. The ability to capture fertility in its prime season takes the pressure off making decisions about whether to put in the 70-hour work week to make partner or have a baby.

Then there is the other partner. As anyone who has dated for more than ten minutes knows finding a soul mate/life partner/permanent cuddle bunny is not easy. Finding the right plus one before you add another plus one (or two or three) takes times and effort. And let’s face it, women are still heavily pressured by biology and society to lock it all down fast and tight in their 20’s. Egg freezing allows time for a woman to have rich life experiences and find the right person to start a family with. It isn with a much needed sigh of relief that we can have a bit more time to sort ourselves and our priorities out to make the best long-term decisions.

Grade-A Choice Eggs

Just like a high-quality champagne or a Stella McCartney dress, another reason women freeze their eggs is to preserve peak fertility. The most fertile times are in a woman’s twenties and early thirties. By freezing your eggs during peak fertility, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is more successful later on should you choose to use your eggs. Freezing your eggs can also be less expensive if you are in the fertile range. Using a process called Fertile Stimulation, you can reduce process and medication costs on your body and your wallet. If you don’t qualify for Fertile Stimulation, you can go the standard route which can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $12,000 not including medications to preserve 12 healthy eggs which is a year’s worth of fertility.

Getting Your Eggs Burgled…

The standard process is pretty straightforward. First you meet with your chosen site to do a fertility assessment. Next you decide to have the procedure and get organized with paperwork and prep. The following part is a little more time restrictive; generally, you will give yourself hormone injections for about a week and a half and visit the doctor’s office every day or every other day. Finally, it is retrieval day! The doctor will sedate you and remove eggs via a needle through your vaginal wall (don’t panic – you are sedated!) and then your eggs goes from fresh to frozen are preserved until you need them.

Whether you like your eggs Benedict or frozen, you have to love all of the new options for living the life of your dreams.

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