The Benefits of an Orgasm (including the obvious)

The Benefits of an Orgasm (including the obvious)

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience one for yourself, you are well aware of the obvious benefits of an orgasm. You’re likely less stressed and more relaxed post-orgasm and probably even sleep better.

With the majority of Americans claiming to have some type of sleep problem, the latter should be enough for you but as luck would have it, an orgasm is more than just the pleasure jackpot, it’s full of other health benefits too! Here are a few of the perks of climaxing:

Improves Mental Health

A 2010 University of the West of Scotland study found that orgasms achieved through intercourse were correlated with participants satisfaction in their own mental health. These psychological benefits rang true for both men and women but only for intercourse. Participants did not experience the same self-satisfaction with their mental health when the orgasms were achieved through masturbation or with a partner via non-intercourse stimulation.

Strengthens Relationships

Of course, sexual activity of any kind can bring you closer together as a couple but that same study found that perceived levels of trust, passion and even love went up as the frequency of intercourse-based orgasms increased. Just like the increases in mental health, these benefits were only found when the orgasm came as a result of rounding the bases with a partner, not just landing on first, second or third.

Reduces Stress (aka reduces the risk of an array of illnesses and disease)

This might be one of the obvious benefits since you immediately feel a sense of ‘release’ at the moment of an orgasm but what isn’t as obvious is how much stress reduction impacts the rest of your body. While even the most ‘zen’ person you know isn’t immune to cancer, stress can exacerbate virtually every illness and disease so stress management should be a vital piece in your health and wellness puzzle. Plus, an extra roll in the hay is more fun than eating an extra serving of vegetables!

Actually Makes You Happy

In addition, when you reach climax from any stimulation, the body and brain get a mega dose of oxytocin, also known as the ‘love,’ ‘happy’ or ‘cuddle’ hormone, which is also at heightened levels during the first few months of a relationship during the lust phase. This feel-good flood contributes to all of the above since it reduces anxiety and increases trust. The same endorphin is what helps a mother produce milk when she holds her baby so that warm and fuzzy feeling is no accident.

What are you waiting for? Get busy and enjoy these benefits!

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