How To Handle Getting Your Period During An Election Cycle Like This

How To Handle Getting Your Period During An Election Cycle Like This

It’s pretty safe to say that this election cycle has been a whirlwind of fucked up emotions ranging from legitimate confusion, undeniable nausea, anger and unwavering anticipation of who is going to take the oval office. No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, there’s not a lot that could make it any worse than it already is- except for of course, your period.

Not that our periods ever come at a convenient time, this particular election will definitely make you a lot more rage-y if the dinosaur uteri shows up as we gear up to witness the final show down between political supporters of either the Republican or Democratic parties. Before you completely lose your shit, take a deep breath and try to keep calm. Here’s how to handle your period during the 2016 election cycle.

Do: Engage in healthy discussions with people you trust about your hopes for the outcome.

It’s totally okay to talk politics but only do it with people you’re close to and can have healthy disagreements with without it ending friendships or fists being thrown. Your hormones are soaring and your patience will be particularly running thin so saddle up and pick and choose those battles wisely and with the right people. There’s a difference between healthy disagreements and full out word wars.

Don’t: Fight on comment feeds of Buzz Feed articles with complete strangers and their opposing opinions.

Arguing with strangers online, especially about politics not only looks stupid pretty much always but it’s also going to gear your period anxiety into overdrive. Keep scrolling. Do not click view. Do not click reply. Just keep on scrolling. You’re better than that.

Do: Pour yourself a glass (or a bottle) of wine or alcoholic beverage of choice on election night.

Sedation is crucial and also beneficial to keep the demons of the uteri and period brain at bay. Your natural instincts are going to tell you that you have a right to say whatever to whomever, and perhaps the wine might actually instigate it even further but let’s be real here- a mild alcoholic sedation is the only way you’re going to make it through this shit with all of your hairs still intact on your head.

Don’t: Throw a Keg party with an open door invite.

It’s cool to have a little gathering with some friends to watch the election finally wrap up its dueling campaigns but don’t throw a rager and play Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Future-POTUS with a shit mix of people from both sides of the political fence. You’ve seen what losing sporting championship riots can do and this election is similar to a very drugged up Superbowl- everyone is watching and one team is going to be pretty pissed when they lose.

Do: Embrace your inner nasty woman.

You’re bleeding. You’re bloated. You’re crampy and cranky so just roll with it. There’s not much you can do about the fact that T-Rex vag showed up at literally the worst time of the month so you may as well just throw on some comfy clothes, become one with your wine and own your inner nasty woman otherwise known as your time of the month.

Don’t: Post political rants on Facebook Live.

Abort mission. Abort mission. That wine only makes it SEEM like your opinions are relevant and need to be heard right this moment but I can assure you, now is not the time. See next step for further instructions on how to survive the mess you feel.

Do: Take a hot bath to unwind and reflect.

Your body and mind needs a break, especially with the stress of the upcoming announcement of who is going to take this election either by a landslide or by a hair. If you’re really starting to lose your mind, nothing feels better than a tub of hot water with your favorite bath products, that glass of wine and some moments of complete silence. You’ve got this.

Do: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

At this point, it’s all any of us can really do. Saddle up ladies and don’t let your period ruin you during an election cycle like this.

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