How to Properly Care for Your Dear Kate Period Undies

How to Properly Care for Your Dear Kate Period Undies

Love your Kates like they love you. With some simple TLC, your garments will have a long and happy life. That’s because they are 100% fabric and machine washable, designed to offer sustainable, powerful protection against leaks, stains and odors.

We’ve got some recommendations for how to ensure your Dear Kate period undies work for you, for as long as you need them to.

What to do:

  1. Machine wash them with gentle detergents on the delicate cycle.
  2. While you can pop them in the dryer on a low setting, line drying is the kinder thing to do. So be kind, line dry.
  3. If you oversaturate the garment while wearing it, rinse it out and place it in a sealable pouch (may we recommend our new packaging?) until you can toss it in your laundry basket or washing machine.

Dear Kate products should never:

  • Be cleansed with harsh detergents (these abrade and break down clothes which shortens their effectiveness and lifespan)
  • Be cleansed with fabric softeners (it’s like fabric cholesterol and blocks the pathways in the fabric through which the liquid travels)
  • Be bleached (bleach kills everything, need we say more)
  • Be dry cleaned (putting the products into such a harsh environment with or without the added chemicals is bad)
  • Be washed in hot water (heat breaks down the fibers and natural componds that make these products so effective)

Enough of the never’s. We hope you always love your Dear Kate period undies.

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