Menstrual Delights: Baths for Period Pain (P.S. They Burn Calories)

Menstrual Delights: Baths for Period Pain (P.S. They Burn Calories)

There’s nothing like a hot bath to help you unwind, relax, and even to cool your cramps. It’s a well-known secret that baths for period pain work wonders and we’re here to spread the news for those who aren’t yet in-the-know.

How do baths relax you?

A University of Wolverhampton study found “bathing improved general psychological wellness radically.” The quiet solitude spent in absolute (womb-like) comfort, can help you clear your mind, which in turn reduces stress.

What about my cramps?

Hot baths (not too hot) can help with relieving muscle tension (like cramps). The heat increases the temperature of the aching muscles and blocks pain sensors, yielding that sweet, sweet pain relief. It’s the same idea as with that hot water bottle you clutch dearly in the dark nights of your period.

How can I make my bath extra soothing?

  • Essential Oils: Add in a few drops of your preferred essential oil. May we recommend Lavender (for its stress-reducing properties) or Peppermint (for soothing pain)?
  • Epson Salts: Sprinkle in epson salts for that healing magnesium, which reduces tension, soothes inflammation, and eases pains.

They burn calories too?

A new(ish) study showed that a hot bath can burn calories. Specifically, “relaxing in the hot bath did burn 130 calories, which is about the amount you’ll burn on a half-hour walk.” That is neat.

Any words of warning?

If you suffer from frequent UTIs, you may want to avoid baths, especially if they’re extra bubbly or oily, as this has been shown to increase rates of UTIs.

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