MG Asks: Do Organic Tampons Really Make A Difference?

MG Asks: Do Organic Tampons Really Make A Difference?

It seems like there is an organic option for everything. Every fruit, grain, vegetable, protein, and garment comes in through your local Whole Foods in rapid quantities, satisfying the obsession to go organic for EVERYTHING. I’m sure you have seen organic tampons at your local drugstores well.

In a time where everyone goes for the “natural” option, it leads to a major question: is it worth paying extra for that organic label? We’ve spelled it out for you:

  • Organic tampons have been around for years, but are now on shelves at your local pharmacy, grocery store, etc.
  • The main difference between organic and non-organic tampons is: organic tampons are made with only organic cotton while non-organic are made with cotton, rayon, or a blend.
  • What makes a tampon organic, anyways? An organic tampon simply means the cotton used in the product was grown without pesticides.
  • But does this mean they’re really better? Scientists say there’s nothing that should make us fear inorganic tampons. There’s no evidence proving organic tampons are better for our business.
  • But what about dioxins?? According to the FDA, the exposure, which is required to be tested, is MUCH lower than what is typically present in the body from other sources in our regular environment.
  • Maybe you’re concerned about plastic applicators. Plastic applicators are in contact with your body for such a short amount of time during application, it is not likely it will make any difference to your health. If you are concerned for the environment, though, that’s absolutely valid. At least cotton and rayon both have a relatively quick breakdown time!

Moral of the story: if using organic makes you feel better, by all means, use them! Sometimes a little extra assurance is a great feeling and your overall wellbeing is priority. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, you will be just fine! In the end, there is no evidence that using one type is better than the other, so you should do whatever makes you feel like the best you.

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