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MG. Memo: A Special Delivery

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Posted on June 22 2016

A Special Delivery

We can all agree that when Sandra Bullock’s character in The Net used her giant desktop computer to order a delicious pizza (see also: – The Best Pizza in Cyberspace), it blew us away. While we were pretty gripped by the tension of that cyber-terrorism drama, we were mostly distracted by the possibility of using the internet to get things delivered to our homes.

Flash forward 21 years (yes, it’s been that long), and you can get virtually anything online. And that’s pretty great because we’re busy folks. That’s especially true when it comes to health care essentials.

Let’s admit it, when it comes to our personal supplies of pads and tampons, one of two things tends to happen:

1. We have half full boxes of pads and tampons scattered throughout the house, helpful but very annoying every time we take inventory and remember how much money we’ve wasted on this over-stocking.

and yet…

2. We are always out of everything when our period comes and we search in vain through all cupboards and purses then end up wrapping our underwear in toilet paper while we run to the drug store, fingers (and legs) crossed.

There’s the problem, the solution was so clear. Monthly Gift delivers your month’s supply of tampons, pads and liners – with an extra treat. So that you’ve got the exact supplies you need, at the time you need them. You’ll always be prepared (and, we hope, a little pampered), which frees you up to go out and do what you love.

Like fighting cyber crime.

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