Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: August 2018

Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: August 2018

Tracy Allen’s horoscopes have appeared regularly in magazines and online for more than a decade.Her astrology practice draws on her graduate education in counseling psychology and her experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens and adults. Follow @astrotherapiston Twitter and email tallennyc@gmail.comto schedule a private session over phone, FaceTime or Skype. Available in person in NYC!


July 23–August 22

Your sign plays host to five—yes, FIVE—eclipses between February, 2017 and January, 2019, and on August 11, the fourth one occurs. It’s a solar eclipse this time, meaning the sun and moon are aligned, forming a turbocharged new moon. You’re reinventing yourself during this two-year period and August’s blast of energy gives you a sense of starting fresh. This dramatic lunation puts your appearance, body language, complexion and facial expression under the microscope, inviting you to consider some sort of image makeover that alters the face you show the world. With so many planets traveling retrograde at the moment, you shouldn’t make any dramatic changes just yet. But do think about how you present yourself—and since Mercury, the communication planet, will wrap up its retrograde phase in Leo on the 18th, you might also factor in how you express yourself verbally. You’ll definitely start to feel chattier (and saner!) after that and can clear up any misunderstandings that Merc retro generated. The sun and Mercury are needling Jupiter on August 6, 11 and 28, and those first two dates especially may involve friction on the home front if you’re not getting the support you expect. Fortunately, Jupiter’s chemistry with Neptune on the 19th—carried over from last December and this May—has the power to soothe your soul. Your home life may feel more nurturing, and if you’re struck by a feeling of belonging, treasure it! This planetary pairing reminds you to make peace with your back story and strive to understand yourself better so you can heal hurts and enjoy close relationships. With Venus flitting through your thinking-and-talking corner from August 6 to September 9, you’re in an upbeat, flirty mood, especially on the 7th when Venus sidles up to Mars in your partnership zone. But her dustups with Saturn and Pluto on the 9th and 26th suggest that responsibilities could weigh you down and act as a killjoy on those days. Mars backs into your efficiency corner on August 12 before resuming forward motion on August 27. In those couple of weeks in between, you might try to conquer a bad habit you haven’t been able to kick in the past, and you could also modify your routine to improve your productivity and to reflect what truly drives you.


August 23–September 22

Your ruler, Mercury, is still traveling retrograde during the first half of the month, so you don’t feel like you’re bringing your A game, but try not to get into a funk. Stop worshiping at the altar of logic and listen to your intuition! It’s time to let go of your brain’s need for control and trust in the universe. A solar eclipse at the end of your chart on August 11 can inspire you to begin a new spiritual practice or a dream journal; release something (or someone) that’s not healthy for you; and give yourself permission to step back from the hectic real world once in a while to wander around in your imagination. That house happens to rule the feet, so you might finally replace your worn-out running shoes, indulge in a reflexology session to ease pain or improve wellness or start treating your tootsies better by favoring flats over stilettos. Mercury’s direct turn on the 18th should gradually sharpen fuzzy thinking and make you less circumspect. Venus will be ensconced in your worth zone from August 6 to September 9, promoting pleasure through the five senses and upping your desire for pretty possessions. Her harmony with Mars in your productivity corner on the 7th alludes to your ability to work hard so you can earn enough money to buy the nice things you want. But her arguments with Saturn and Pluto on the 9th and 26th suggest that you also need to build up your confidence and take yourself seriously. After Mars backs into your joy sector on August 12, you might be tempted to rekindle an old flame or pursue another former source of passion like a creative venture or a hobby. Work on reconnecting with your heart’s desires, and then when Mars straightens up his act on the 27th, go after what makes you happy. The sun zooms into Virgo on August 22, revitalizing you and empowering you to make a big impression. On the 25th, he forms a Grand Trine with Uranus and Saturn; consider that your cue to keep chasing after new experiences and discovering not only who you are, but who you can be.


September 23–October 22

The planets want you to grow Team Libra in August, so keep your current connections going but also embrace the idea of widening your circle. As your interests, goals and ideals evolve, you’re drawn to like-minded people and may find yourself wanting to join an organization or start hanging out with a different crew. The solar eclipse in your network sector on the 11th signals a new beginning, and some fresh faces are bound to start entering your life. Launch a philanthropic effort, make a new friend, do some professional networking or take on a bigger role in a group you belong to. Mercury goes direct in that sector on the 18th, and after that, you should be able to sort out any misunderstandings that cropped up in your squad during Mercury retrograde. If wires got crossed, chances are it was no one’s fault and can quickly be resolved, but if gossip instigated drama, it may take a bit longer to soothe ruffled feathers. With your ruling planet, Venus, gracing Libra August 6–September 9, you’ll definitely get your groove back! Block off August 7 on your calendar because Venus and Mars tango that night, mixing an irresistibly sweet and sexy concoction. The 9th and 26th are much more challenging, due to Venus’s tussles with heavyweights Saturn and Pluto. You could grapple with emotional baggage, family duties or a surly mood on those dates, and although you should push yourself to face unpleasant feelings if you’ve been sweeping them under the rug, you shouldn’t let anyone drag you down. Mars is reversing into your emotions angle on August 12, and his presence there can trigger added irritability. The more willing you are to confront what’s going on inside you, the easier time you’ll have. Once Mars resumes forward motion on the 27th, you can find a good outlet for repressed and misdirected emotions, and you’ll also be able to handle home and family problems better. The sun slips into your spirit corner on August 22 and gels with Uranus and Saturn on August 25, luring you to let go of the past, accept where you are at this point in your life and embrace the inevitability of change.


October 23–November 21

Venus sneaks into your spirit corner on August 6, where she’ll be hiding out until September 9, so you’ll prefer private time alone or with someone special over hanging out with lots of people. When Venus vibes with Mars on the 7th, a relationship could heat up behind closed doors, or you might work through feelings you’ve been bottling up. It’s a good month for letting go of love that’s past its expiration date; reflect and release if someone’s been living rent-free in your heart for too long. Venus’s clashes with Saturn and Pluto on August 9 and 26 hint that you’re obsessively going over your emotions, trying to wrap your brain around them instead of surrendering them and moving on. Fortunately, with the sun and Mercury activating your ambition angle, a large portion of your attention is on reaching goals. A solar eclipse there on the 11th prompts you to keep aiming high with your aspirations. Soon, you could embark on a fresh chapter in your career or set off in a different direction in your life. This angle rules your skeletal structure, reminding you to take care of yours. It’s never too early to think about bone health. In fact, as much as 90 percent of your peak bone mass is built by the time you’re 18, and you have a chance to top that off in your 20s. After that, it’s all about keeping them as strong and dense as you can! Be sure you’re doing weight-bearing exercise (like running and volleyball, for example) regularly and getting the RDA of calcium and Vitamin D. And since teens who smoke aren’t depositing as much in the bone bank as those who don’t, you’d be wise to avoid tobacco. The sun and Mercury are annoying Jupiter in Scorpio on August 6, 11 and 28, tempting you to go too far, especially if you don’t want to answer to anyone. If you say the wrong thing on the 11th, you may have an opening to walk it back on the 28th. Mars backtracks into your thinking-and-talking corner on August 12. Keep an eye on your mental process and communication after that, as you might jump to the wrong conclusion and snap at somebody. We’ll all feel better when Mars moves ahead on the 27th!


November 22–December 21

This month’s solar eclipse lands in the part of your chart that rules all things Sag, and after that day (August 11), you’ll be up for new adventures and eager to learn more about the world. You could start a new course of study, book a big trip, explore unfamiliar cultures and beliefs and adopt a fresh philosophy that guides your future. You’re ready to take a leap of faith in a quest to broaden your horizons! With Mercury still traveling retrograde until the 18th, travel, education and communication will have their share of glitches, so try to be patient with the delays and detours. As Merc gets back up to speed later in the month, everything won’t feel like such a gamble. Mars is in backspin mode as well, and he’s reversing into your worth house on August 12, putting you in the danger zone when it comes to spending. Think twice before you click on “Complete Order” because your trigger finger is extra itchy this month. Mars finally does a U-turn on the 27th, and although you’ll still be prone to impulsive splurges, they won’t be as questionable. With Venus twirling through your network sector from August 6 to September 9, you’ll be happiest when you’re around plenty of people. Make plans with your squad, attend big events, RSVP yes to parties, join an organization and maybe do a little professional networking. You’re feeling friendly in general and able to get along with everyone. Venus meshes with Mars on the 7th, upping the odds that you’ll cross paths with someone you’ve already met or will enjoy revisiting a place with a group. When Venus squabbles with Saturn and Pluto on the 9th and 26th, money, values, belongings or self-worth could be the root cause of friendship trouble. Do you give in to keep the peace or dig in your heels? Your personal ethics can help point the way toward the right course of action. On August 25, the sun will be at the top of your chart and joining forces with both Uranus and Saturn, encouraging you to prove what you’re made of in a public or professional setting. So step onto centerstage and shine!


December 22–January 19

While Venus waltzes across your ambition angle August 6–September 9, you’ll find it easy to turn on the charm with higher-ups and win their favor. This is a great time to polish your public image, promote yourself and do your most creative work. You can make a strong impression by maintaining good relations with colleagues, so play nice in the sandbox and share credit when it’s due. A Venus-Mars conference on the 7th suggests you may be laying the groundwork for a raise or fresh source of income. But Venus is arguing with Saturn and Pluto in your sign on August 9 and 26, indicating that your reserve or your need to be in control can keep you from coming across as well as you want to, so you’ll need to get out of your own way. Mars will still be retrograde for most of the month, and on the 12th, he backs into Capricorn for a month-long visit. For those first couple of weeks, you may feel driven but thwarted or ineffectual, so focus on going back over things you’ve already done and making fixes. If you find yourself procrastinating, try to get in touch with dormant passions and your inner will. What motivates you deep down? Tap into that! After Mars shifts back into gear on August 27, you’ll do the same. Your frustration should ease, and you’ll gradually find proper outlets for your energy. Look forward to less sluggishness and more progress. A solar eclipse jars your depth-and-merging sector on the 11th, implying that a new sexual relationship may be in the pipeline or you could become deeply involved in a new passion project or investigation of sorts. It’s also possible that a fresh outside resource such as a loan or grant is coming your way. With Mercury finishing up its retrograde phase in that sector on the 18th, communication in close relationships will become simpler and more direct. Also, if you’ve been trying to get to the bottom of something or reflecting on a private matter, you’ll soon gain more clarity. A summit between the sun, Uranus and your ruling planet on the 25th can inspire personal growth and impromptu joy; stay out of your comfort zone to reap the full benefits.


January 20–February 18

Your ruling planet, Uranus, reverses course in your foundation angle on the 7th and will be traveling retrograde for the next five months, quelling your underlying anxiety and slowing down any changes that have disrupted your family or living situation. While Mars remains retrograde for most of August, he’ll back out of your sign on the 12th and duck into your subliminal corner, calling for you to keep tabs on your subconscious motives. Try to process any anger you’ve pushed down inside you and take a close look at self-defeating behavior patterns. Ask yourself what drives you, and if that mojo seems to be submerged, you might see if you can bring difficult emotions closer to the surface in an effort to channel their energy. When you’re tempted to shoot yourself in the foot, look for possible reasons you might have for acting against your own best interests. After Mars pivots forward on August 27, you’ll be in a better position to harness your drive and utilize it to achieve worthwhile objectives—though you’ll still need to operate behind the scenes for another couple of weeks. With Venus traipsing through your exploration corner August 6–September 9, difference possesses a special allure. You’ll get a lot of pleasure from interacting with people from various backgrounds and exposing yourself to unfamiliar arts and cultures. When Venus harmonizes with Mars on the 7th, you might pursue a stranger you’re attracted to or book a baecation if you’re in a relationship. A shared adventure is likely to ease the frustrations of Mars retrograde. But on the 9th and 26th, her fights with Saturn and Pluto signal that lingering guilt, regret, doubt, anger or jealousy could prevent you from taking a chance on someone or something new. You may be able to move beyond this dark cloud in your head by acknowledging your feelings and then refusing to undermine your own joy. The solar eclipse on August 11 alludes to the possibility that a new partnership is around the corner—or you might make a bigger commitment to an existing relationship in the coming months. With Mercury powering forward in your one-on-one angle, your interactions with other individuals will soon be less of a minefield, and you can mend fences if you’ve had any miscommunication.


February 19–March 20

According to a solar eclipse in your work-and-wellness corner on August 11, it’s time to launch a self-improvement campaign that will make you healthier and more productive. You might implement a different exercise regimen; change your diet; book appointments for checkups; get into a new daily habit that’s good for you; launch a job search; learn a skill; or streamline your schedule. And since this part of the chart governs the intestines, you should stop and think about your gut health, which affects everything from your immune function to your skin to your mood. Are you consuming enough prebiotics (found in many fruits and veggies), probiotics (found in fermented products like yogurt and kombucha) and fiber to maintain the good bacteria in your intestinal tract? Think of ways to reduce stress in your life in order to promote GI health and overall wellness. With Mercury going direct in that part of your chart on the 18th, your thought process will sharpen and details won’t trip you up so much. Venus is gliding through your depth-and-sharing sector August 6–September 9, giving you a craving for closeness and a chance to heal from heartbreak. You’d rather be by yourself or with individuals you love than with a crowd of acquaintances, and if you’re in a sexual relationship, it’s likely to become warm and affectionate during this period. The 7th is the best day for emotional transformation and private intimacy, while the 9th and 26th will prove difficult if your social life clashes with your personal life. Your friends may not give your latest paramour the stamp of approval, or peer pressure could challenge your loyalty. Jupiter and Neptune are wrapping up their tango, validating your mission to keep learning and growing by chasing after new experiences and betting on your dreams. This month’s full moon lights up your sign on August 26, making you extra emo. Luckily, she’s clicking with Saturn and Uranus, nudging you to open up about how you’re feeling and lean on the most reliable members of your squad. It’s okay to put your needs first that day, as long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes. And if something—or somebody—is pushing you over the edge, you have permission to hit delete.


March 21–April 19

With your ruler, Mars, still backpedaling through your group sector and prodding anarchic Uranus early in the month, teamwork is bound to be a headache. Your confidence is up and down, and you could be anxious over what you’re lacking or what you stand to lose. All of that will make it tough to collaborate! Try not to get defensive if you’re feeling insecure. Lovely Venus dances across your interpersonal angle on August 6 and clicks with Mars the next day, smoothing relations and giving you a craving for companionship that will last throughout the month. Whether you’re hanging with your significant other or your best friend, one-on-one time just feels right. Venus has to contend with heavyweights Saturn and Pluto on the 9th and 26th, hinting that you may want to keep things peaceful and pleasant but if you don’t agree on goals and aren’t headed in the same direction, your rapport with someone may not be as simpatico as you’d like. The solar eclipse on the 11th in your joy house brings a fresh infusion of romance, creativity and pleasure and opens new avenues to personal fulfillment. A hobby, love affair, artistic endeavor or some other means of happy self-expression can help you become a more well-rounded individual. And since this house traditionally rules the heart, you might benefit from searching for guided meditations, yoga poses and other exercises that are intended to open your heart chakra. Mercury wraps up its retrograde phase in the same house on August 18, nudging you to speak from the heart and share what you have to offer the world. And thank goodness, Mars will also be moving forward, as of August 27! He backs into your ambition angle on the 12th, calling for you to keep a lid on frustrations when you’re around higher-ups and to think about which goals really merit your passion. After the 27th, your mojo gradually returns and you’ll feel more capable of accomplishing things. And as an added bonus, a summit between the sun, Uranus and Saturn on the 25th is apt to give you a sense of progress. Its message: Keep your nose to the grindstone. Your hard work is paying off!


April 20–May 20

Show your body some love while amiable Venus—your ruling planet—sails through your wellness corner from August 6 to September 9. Venus rules relationships, making this the perfect month to ponder your connection with your body, the vehicle that transports you through life. Are you treating it with the respect it deserves? Giving it everything it needs? Keeping it in good shape not only for aesthetic reasons but to help it last a long time and do what it’s supposed to do? Or are you feeding it subpar fuel? Criticizing it? Pushing it too hard or not using it enough? You get the picture! Whether you think of your physique as a car or a temple, do right by it. The solar eclipse in your foundation angle on the 11th encourages you to start a new self-care practice and make it part of your routine. This area of the chart is more about your emotional wellbeing, so you might opt for a ritual that relaxes your body and soothes your soul, like an aromatherapy bath at the end of a long day. But it also rules your breasts, meaning this eclipse can serve as a reminder to become familiar with the look and feel of yours so you know what’s normal for you. If you notice a change, report it to your health care provider. With Mercury going direct in the same angle on the 18th, you may be more inclined to share your private feelings with someone you trust, which will help you to process anything that’s been troubling you. Uranus in Taurus, however, starts its retrograde phase on August 7 and will be backtracking for the rest of the year. If your birthday falls in the first few days of Taurus, your fear of change has probably kicked in during these last couple of months, and your anxiety should lessen as the pace of change slows. Uranus may have pointed out an area of dissatisfaction, and the next five months are a good time to weigh options in your head. A happy encounter between the sun, Uranus and Saturn on the 25th implies you need to be true to yourself, but you also need to keep growing into your true self. So keep evolving and learning!


May 21–June 20

Let’s skip ahead to the best news of the month for your sign: Your ruler, Mercury, will no longer be retrograde as of August 18! So the kinks in communication, travel, technology—and life, in your case—will start to get ironed out. Both Mercury and the sun are visiting the house in your chart that rules Gemini matters, giving you a boost. And a solar eclipse lands there on the 11th, persuading you to stimulate your famous intellect through reading, writing and learning. This house also governs the lungs and nervous system, so now’s a good time to find ways to keep your lungs healthy and ease nervous energy (another thing Twins are known for). Running, biking, yoga and various other physical activities fit the bill. You also might choose to start meditating or doing breathing exercises that can keep you calm. Venus prances through your fulfillment zone August 6–September 9, signaling that she wants you to experience love, enjoy life and express your individuality. Her confab with Mars on the 7th could bring particularly memorable fun or romance, but her spats with Saturn and Pluto on the 9th and 26th suggest commitment may weigh heavy on breezy Gems. On August 12, Mars backpedals into your depth-and-merging sector and might cause trouble in a close relationship for a couple of weeks after that. Fortunately, he’ll get back on course on the 27th, so partnership won’t feel so fraught next month. If the retrograde has stirred up hurt, mistrust or anger, it will be easier to get to the bottom of it without fighting below the belt. Channel your passion appropriately in order to get a relationship or enterprise back on track. Since Jupiter in your productivity corner is gelling with Neptune in your ambition angle on August 19 (their third such meeting since December, 2017), your faith in your ability to succeed is being restored. You’ve probably been taking on more responsibilities, and your positive work ethic is helping you to clarify your higher purpose in the world. Be proud of doing a good job and aspire to learn new skills. You have a great shot at enjoying the work you’re doing in the moment when you decide not to focus on dubious incentives like fame.


June 21–July 22

From August 6 until September 9, lovely Venus is gliding across the base of your chart, which happens to be the area that governs all things Cancer. So she’s giving you permission to revel in your Crab ways by cozying up to someone in the privacy of your home; getting together with family; beautifying your space; savoring creature comforts like delicious food or freshly laundered sheets; and having people over so you can enjoy the best of two worlds—staying in and going out. A Venus-Mars rendezvous on the 7th alludes to intimacy that can be both physically and emotionally satisfying. But Venus’s run-ins with Saturn and Pluto on August 9 and 26 could mean you don’t want to get too serious or perhaps personal obligations are preventing you from unwinding at home. You’re sensitive to criticism on those days, so be selective about the company you’re keeping. Mars moves back into your one-on-one angle on the 12th, and that could lead you to rehash an argument that originated in the spring or to struggle to pick up a partnership where you left off. Luckily, Mars shifts back into gear on the 27th, which will gradually restore everyone’s ability to make things happen—and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. This month’s solar eclipse falls in your worth house on the 11th, bringing your attention to your resources and self-esteem. Your sign often concerns itself with emotional security, while this part of the chart is about financial security and self-sufficiency. Now’s the time to examine your relationship with money and possessions and ask yourself if it needs to change. Look at the ways in which your self-image affects that relationship. Can you craft a fresh strategy to earn income and accumulate wealth—one that reflects strong self-esteem? Bear in mind that what you believe you deserve has an impact on what you get. Planets in that house are fighting with Jupiter in your joy sector on August 6, 11 and 28, which can trigger clashes between money and fun or between confidence and love, and you should do your best not to go overboard. Taking things too far tends to be the danger with Jupiter.



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