Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: July 2018

Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: July 2018

Tracy Allen’s horoscopes have appeared regularly in magazines and online for more than a decade. Her astrology practice draws on her graduate education in counseling psychology and her experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens and adults. Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a private session over phone, FaceTime or Skype. Available in person in NYC!


June 21–July 22

Not only is the sun giving you a welcome energy boost, it’s also joining forces with Jupiter and Neptune in July, inspiring you to take more chances and have experiences that help you grow. Let your whole personality shine through so others can get to know the real you and make a point of venturing outside your comfort zone and connecting with people, places and beliefs that are unfamiliar to you. Lead with your passion and aspire to be a more well-rounded individual, fulfilling your purpose through creativity, spirituality, love and other avenues that are calling to you. On the 12th, the sun faces off with Pluto, intensifying your interactions. Skip the power struggles; you have bigger fish to fry that day! A solar eclipse in Cancer represents your annual invitation to start fresh and reinvent yourself, so think about what you want your life to look like in a year and believe in your ability to make it happen. Venus in your thinking-and-talking corner is vibing with several other planets throughout the month, making it easier to meet new friends and romantic prospects, express your feelings and see the best in others. A Venus-Neptune opposition on July 24 could lure you to believe what you want to believe, and you should probably postpone making any important agreements. Plus, Mercury turns retrograde the next day, messing with everyone’s head. Your financial judgment won’t be on point for a few weeks after that, so rein in spending and use this time to review your budget, inventory your belongings, brainstorm alternate sources of income and reshuffle priorities. A lunar eclipse on the 27th can bring an out-of-left-field sexual attraction or flood a close relationship with intense feels. It’s also possible that a financial resource like a loan will finally come through.


July 23–August 22

Even though Venus is flitting through Leo until July 9, the sun is hiding out in the last house of your chart, highlighting the value of alone time and private time with someone close to you. As your year winds down, it’s worth it to step back from the busyness of daily life and reflect on the past. When Venus leaves your sign, she enters your worth house, stimulating your desire for nice things and helping you to attract what you need. Her encounters with planets in your ambition and work sectors on July 11, 14 and 27 encourage you to put your nose to the grindstone and take on new responsibilities so you can earn enough money to have what you want. Mercury’s tour of Leo boosts your brainpower and lends you a silver tongue, but its dustups with other planets throughout July caution you to think before you speak and do as much listening as talking. After Merc does a U-turn on the 25th, double down on that advice and also put off making important decisions. You might opt to reflect on a personal matter and reach fresh conclusions you can act on in late August. The sun soars into your sign on July 22, launching your birthday season and filling you with renewed vitality and focus. His run-in with Uranus on the 25th will make you bristle at authority, while his standoff with Mars the next day can put you on the defensive. And matters may come to a head the day after that when a lunar eclipse rocks your one-on-one angle, heightening emotions in your interactions and possibly bringing a relationship to a crossroads. Something’s gotta give but resist overreacting in the moment; with so many planets traveling retrograde, you need a minute to figure out your next move.


August 23–September 22

Joining forces with others and serving an important purpose will help you feel alive this month, thanks to the sun in your humanity house meshing with Jupiter and Neptune. Get active in your community, connect with those who share your ideals and pitch in for a cause you believe in. Meeting new people and finding common ground will come naturally, so don’t keep to yourself. Once Venus dances into Virgo on the 9th, you’ll definitely be in a sociable mood and will give off a warm, friendly vibe for the four weeks that follow. A Venus-Uranus meeting on July 11 nudges you to try something new instead of sticking to familiar pleasures, and you might go someplace you’ve never been before or find yourself attracted to someone surprising. Venus’s chemistry with Saturn and Pluto on the 14th and 27th can bring opportunities for intense romance, creativity or fun that’s not just a flash in the pan. The law of attraction is on your side this month, and you should welcome love and happiness with open arms. With one possible exception: Venus is facing off with foggy Neptune on July 24, which can lure you to see someone through rose-colored glasses, so make a concerted effort to relate to the real individual. After your ruling planet goes off the grid in the last house of your chart the next day, you’ll benefit from directing your focus inward, as your dreams, intuition and imagination will be full of messages (and communication with the outer world can be problematic!) A lunar eclipse in your efficiency corner on the 27th pushes you to drop a bad habit to improve the quality of your daily life. If a health crisis or job stress hits, look at what changes will foster your wellbeing and productivity.


September 23–October 22

The sun is hovering at the top of your chart for much of the month, giving you full permission to shine your light for all to see. This is your time to step onto center stage and prove yourself, and the sun’s harmony with Jupiter implies you’ll get an ego boost and perhaps reap financial rewards. A sun-Neptune link brings out your creative flair and reminds you that serving a useful purpose is immensely gratifying. Show off your natural talents and learned skills—and help others in the process! When a solar eclipse activates your ambition angle on July 12, set new goals that challenge you to dig deep within yourself and perform at your best. You might embark on a fresh chapter in your career or set off in a new direction in your life. With your ruling planet slumbering in your release corner July 9–August 6, you’ll prefer your own company or that of someone special over socializing with lots of people. Venus’s encounters with planets in your sharing and emotions houses on the 11th, 14th and 27th make those the best dates for intimacy and introspection. You might also end up taking care of a loved one and growing closer—but be sure you’re not giving up too much for another person. When Venus and Neptune go toe to toe on the 24th, you’re reminded to maintain healthy boundaries. Mercury’s retrograde turn on July 25 can cause misunderstandings in your squad, so ignore gossip and don’t make assumptions. Use the next few weeks to review your friendships and ties to groups and consider reconnecting with a long-lost pal. The lunar eclipse on the 27th might launch a love affair or blow one up, and it could also bring an artistic venture to fruition. Find a good outlet for passionate self-expression that day.


October 23–November 21

Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio is inspiring a growth spurt, and the sun’s current position in your expansion house echoes the call for you to stay outside the confines of your comfort zone. A sun-Jupiter confab nudges you to chase after learning experiences that expose you to more of what the world has to offer. You might travel, meet exciting new people or study a subject you’re interested in. And the sun’s chemistry with Neptune can offer an opportunity for romantic, creative or spiritual fulfillment if you’re willing to take a risk. Mercury’s clash with Jupiter on July 9 can spur you to aim too high, so set goals that motivate you rather than intimidate you. A solar eclipse on the 12th can inspire you to adopt a new philosophy that powers you forward into a more daring future. Jupiter is also due to wrap up its four-month retrograde phase on July 10, signaling that it’s high time you bet on yourself and create the life you envision. Your optimism will gradually return, and you’ll feel more capable of piloting your personal quest in the next four months. With Venus gracing your network sector from the 9th on, you’ll be in the mood to get out and see your friends. Her dance card is full July 11–27, during which time you can make new friends and secure useful—even powerful—contacts and enjoy both group activities and one-on-one relating. Venus and Neptune face off on the 24th, though, blurring the line between platonic and romantic feelings and perhaps causing you to put someone on a pedestal. A lunar eclipse on the 27th might trigger a development in your living situation or your family that needs your attention. If you’re overwhelmed from juggling personal growth, relationships, work and home, a solo escape will soothe your soul.


November 22–December 21

With the sun lighting up your depth-and-merging house and harmonizing with your ruling planet, you’re sure to gain a lot from exploring your feelings and possibly sharing them with someone you trust. Turn your Sagittarian love of learning inward and strive to understand yourself better. The sun’s meeting with Neptune hints that doing so can be incredibly healing and forgiving someone (maybe yourself!) could be the key to emotional growth. On the 12th, a solar eclipse underscores the importance of addressing anything in your psyche that you’ve swept under the rug and transmuting it into personal power. A new level of intimacy in a close relationship or a new source of support could be around the corner. After Venus ascends to the peak of your chart on the 9th, your creative work could draw attention and generate income. Plus you might form connections with people who are in a position to help you succeed and make a good living. Venus is gelling with several other planets, advising you to be open to learning different skills, taking on new duties, working behind the scenes and refining your natural talents. Keep a high profile this month and present yourself in a flattering light around authority figures like your boss. Jupiter resumes forward motion on July 10, increasing your faith in the universe and helping to clarify inner wisdom. Once the sun zooms into your exploration corner on the 22nd, you’ll be more motivated to travel and pursue other experiences that give you a new lease on life. Since the sun is sparring with Uranus and Mars on the 25th and 26th, your work or health and the busyness of daily life may interfere with more exciting adventures and you might have to compromise to accommodate changing circumstances.


December 22–January 19

You’re drawing energy from one-on-one interactions while the sun blazes across your interpersonal angle during the first few weeks of July. He’s making music with Jupiter and Neptune, encouraging you to reach out to a wide range of people and seek common ground. You should find it fairly easy to express yourself in an honest, genuine way, see the best in others and convey your feelings for them. The solar eclipse on July 12 prompts you to keep focusing on relationships and to balance the benefits of connecting with your need to dictate the terms. A new partnership could be on the horizon, or you might be about to take an existing one to the next level. It may be time to change something about how you relate to people, perhaps shifting your usual dynamic to promote mutual respect and equal power. Venus’s arrival in your exploration corner on the 9th coaxes you to enjoy the pleasures of difference, exposing yourself to unfamiliar places, arts, people and cultures in the next four weeks. And her vibes with other planets from the 11th through the 27th dangle the appeal of broadening your horizons in front of you like a carrot, hinting at new love, intense experiences, impromptu fun and lasting joy. She’s in cahoots with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on July 14 and 27, inspiring you to cast your net wide and seek out positive, meaningful experiences that can change you. Don’t stick to the tried and true—or you’ll miss the best that the planets have to offer you now. But do exercise caution when it comes to spending on the 27th; a lunar eclipse in your worth zone that day will tempt you to blow your budget on a whim.


January 20–February 18

You have the energy to work hard and accomplish a lot, courtesy of the sun’s visit to your productivity corner this month. His mashups with Jupiter and Neptune confirm that your efforts won’t be for naught. You can be of service to others, score a promotion, meet a mentor, earn money, improve your status and feel good about your abilities. Mars is still backtracking through your sign, making it more challenging to get stuff done, but the sun is fueling you to keep trying. Tackling your personal agenda is bound to be harder than executing daily duties and doing what’s asked of you, and humility will come in handy. On July 12, a solar eclipse encourages you to launch a job search, learn a skill, start a different diet or fitness regimen, initiate a positive habit, get on a new schedule, organize your workspace or make a change to improve your wellness. Venus segues into your depth-and-merging house on the 9th, increasing your craving for closeness and possibly heating up a specific relationship. You may also want to spend some time alone making peace with your emotional complexity and your backstory. When she cozies up to various other planets on the 11th, 14th, 22nd and 27th, you could experience liberating intimacy, needed closure, welcome support and intense bonding. Mercury starts backpedaling on the 25th, throwing off one-on-one communication, so try to avoid jumping to conclusions and accelerating misunderstandings for the next few weeks. A lunar eclipse rocks Aquarius on July 27, making you extra emo and vulnerable. Mood swings could trigger impulsive actions, and you need to find healthy outlets for all those feels. Put your needs first and go off by yourself if people are getting to you. This is a great excuse to cut someone or something loose if you’re not getting what you need.


February 19–March 20

The sun’s collaborations with Jupiter and Neptune give you all the excuse you need to enjoy life to the fullest this month, so follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Let your personality and passion shine through the smokescreen your ruling planet has shrouded you in and connect with people who are seeing the real you. Take a trip or have an adventure that scares you a little (in a good way!) Share your creativity, romanticism, spirituality, sensitivity and other lovely Piscean qualities with others. And when a solar eclipse lands in your fulfillment house on the 12th, that’s your cue to commit to bringing more love, joy and self-expression into your life. Get into a new hobby. Start going on more dates. Get a new artistic endeavor off the ground. And while Venus sashays across your interpersonal angle from July 9 through August 6, companionship is everything. You want to spend quality time with your favorite individuals and won’t have much trouble getting along with everyone, particularly since Venus is meshing with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto between the 11th and the 27th, paving the way for seamless relations. Whether you’re looking for love, hoping to make new friends, doing some networking or making social plans, your chances for success are good. Note that Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces on the 24th, however, making that a potentially confusing day for one-on-one interactions. Someone may misread your signals—or vice versa—and you could wind up feeling disappointed. With Mercury going rogue in your efficiency corner the next day, watch out for miscommunication with coworkers and overlooked details during the few weeks that follow. Use this period to rethink your daily routine, diet and workouts and the habits that affect your wellbeing and productivity.


March 21–April 19

Thanks to the sun linking arms with Jupiter and Neptune, you have a chance to relish peaceful solitude, refreshing self-acceptance, revitalizing intimacy and emotional catharsis. This is a good time to tune into your own inner workings and those of a close relationship rather than engaging with the outside world. When a solar eclipse shakes your foundation angle on the 12th, you could start to think about moving, redecorating or making another change to your living situation that improves your level of comfort and security. The eclipse’s faceoff with Pluto highlights the need for you to create a home life and self-care rituals that sustain you so you can go out and conquer the world. With Venus showing up in your productivity house on July 9 and Jupiter powering forward the day after, you’ll feel hopeful about making a relationship work and may choose to focus on supporting someone or building a mutually supportive partnership. You might also do more creative work and find ways to get more pleasure out of your everyday life. Venus’s meetings with several other planets from the 11th to the 27th imply you’ll enjoy what you’re doing with your time and could develop a fresh source of income. Showcasing your talents, maintaining a positive work ethic and getting along well with colleagues can help you achieve your goals and earn recognition. The sun goes head to head with your ruling planet on July 26, pitting individual pursuits against teamwork and calling for compromise to avoid a conflict. A lunar eclipse the next day can dial up the tension and trigger drama in your squad. Be there for people who need you if you know they deserve it. But it’s okay to walk away if a particular friendship or your association with a certain group has run its course.


April 20–May 20

While the sun cruises through your thinking-and-talking corner, your thoughts and interactions will buzz with energy and you’ll channel lots of personality into your communication with others. Jupiter and Neptune get in on the action, which should help you meet new people and enhance current connections, while also making it easy to gel with a group. Enjoy the feeling of being understood and aim to learn from others as well. After Jupiter does an about-face on July 10, your optimism about relationships or your faith in a partnership will gradually return. And since Venus prances into your romance-and-happiness zone the day before for a month-long visit, you should be feeling pretty good about your dating prospects or the state of affairs with your S.O. Venus clicks with Uranus in Taurus on the 11th, providing plenty of incentive to shake things up and seek love, fun and fulfillment however (and with whomever) you please. You’re in the mood to play, but go-to pleasures won’t cut it because you’re also looking for novel excitement. Your ruler’s harmony with other planets in the second half of July alludes to the upside of taking calculated risks for the sake of joy and growth, so give yourself permission to spread your wings! On the 24th, a Venus-Neptune opposition makes it hard to draw the line between friends and lovers and you might fall for a platonic pal under this influence. When Mercury goes retrograde the next day, you’ll have to deal with crossed wires on the home front, but you could also reconnect with a relative, reflect on the past or rethink your décor. A lunar eclipse on July 27 pushes you out of a career rut and gets you to close the book on old goals, making space for ones that are more relevant to who you are today.


May 21–June 20

As the sun zooms through your worth house this month, you should gain confidence about your ability to do good work and make your mark in the world. The sun is mingling with Jupiter and Neptune in your job and ambition zones, like Venus did last month, convincing you to put your talents on display and use everything you have going for you in order to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Jupiter’s retrograde phase ends on the 10th, so you may feel a little anxious for a minute if the busy pace of daily life resumes and your to-do list gets longer. But you should also begin to feel more up to the task and able to prioritize. A solar eclipse on July 12 lures you to develop a new source of income, create a budget, set a financial goal and assess what’s most important to you going forward. Venus will be nestled in your foundation angle from July 9 through August 6, putting you in the mood to stay in and relax. You might chill solo, spend time with family or play hostess. In any case, it’s all about the pleasures of home! Enjoy a great meal cooked from scratch, indulge in self-care, go on a decorating spree, binge watch an addictive series or mix up summery cocktails and invite your friends over. Venus is syncing with Uranus on the 11th, luring you to let go of old stuff (both emotional baggage and material belongings) and relish the resulting feeling of freedom. When she harmonizes with Saturn and Pluto on the 14th and 27th, private introspection and intimacy can have a profound effect on you. Mercury turns retrograde on July 25, wreaking havoc with travel, tech and communication, so postpone signing paperwork, having important talks and making major decisions until at least August 19.



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