Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: June 2018

Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: June 2018

Tracy Allen’s horoscopes have appeared regularly in magazines and online for more than a decade. Her astrology practice draws on her graduate education in counseling psychology and her experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens and adults. Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a private session over phone, FaceTime or Skype. Available in person in NYC!


May 21–June 20

Let your curiosity lead you into a learning experience as June gets going with a productive summit between Mercury in Gemini and Mars in your exploration zone. An adventure that broadens your mind and challenges your body is just what the doctor ordered, and if you can’t pull that off, you’ll also get a charge out of fighting for what you believe in. So speak up for a cause when the spirit moves you. Don’t slack off at work, though; getting tons done and showing off your creativity while you’re at it will make you feel good about yourself, thanks to Venus’s harmony with Jupiter and Neptune. Your ruling planet and the sun clash with Neptune on the 6th and 7th, causing you to question the direction you’re headed in. Higher-ups aren’t likely to understand you now, so the less you say the better. Try not to get discouraged if you’re unsure of your purpose in life. How can you express your core spirit in the world in a way that helps you to succeed professionally? The new moon on June 13 signifies your personal New Year—an annual incentive to start fresh! Set your intentions and focus on becoming more and more your true, whole self this year. It’s a good time to change up your image, especially if you feel like people don’t get the real you. Venus heads into your thinking-and-talking corner that day, livening up your interactions and helping you to think positive thoughts. You’ll be in a flirty, friendly mood, but when Venus spars with other planets on June 14, 21 and 25, you might send the wrong signal, cross boundaries or have a hard time reeling it in and taking care of business. Mars will be retrograde for two months starting on the 26th, slowing progress with education and making travel more difficult. Take detours in stride, adapt to the slower pace and avoid heated debates. Aim to gain a more balanced, complete perspective rather than selling people on your opinions.


June 21–July 22

Venus in Cancer is vibing with Jupiter and Neptune in early June, inspiring you to wear your heart on your sleeve, convey your personality and live out your fantasy of a good time. Love, spirituality, travel, creativity and play can provide blissful escapes and leave you floating on air, so enjoy life to the fullest! Venus’s faceoff with Pluto on the 5th might kill your buzz if jealousy rears its ugly head or someone tries to manipulate you. But if a relationship really needs to change, you can harness this energy for the better. Mercury’s tour of your sign June 12–28 will make you more talkative and help you see things clearly. However, when Merc opposes Saturn on the 15th, people are likely to test your views. Rather than throwing in the towel, incorporate constructive criticism. Merc’s chemistry with Jupiter and Neptune on June 19 and 20 echoes Venus’s vibe frees you to express your feelings and expand your mind. If someone tries to coerce you on the 23rd when Mercury goes toe to toe with dominant Pluto, you could feel threatened. Find something worth focusing intently on and get obsessed with that. Sensitive Crabs tend to take things personally, and sometimes you just need to tune out the negative and identify something positive to tune into. With the sun in Cancer from June 21 to July 22, you’ll be fired up to do you and make a strong impression on the world around you. Your birthday season gives you carte blanche to be self-centered in a good way, except on the 27th. A full moon that night reminds you to respect other individuals’ needs, and it could bring a close relationship to the brink of a breakup or commitment. Pay attention to flashes of insight that are there to guide you. Since Mars is backtracking June 26–August 27, you might circle back to past loss, pain, anger, grief, jealousy—or an ex-lover. Avoid spinning into a compulsive cycle and look at your private motives. How do you handle give-and-take? It won’t be easy to get what you want from another person now, so concentrate on bravely facing what arises in your psyche.


July 23–August 22

With Venus tucked away in your solitude corner, you’re not feeling like a social butterfly. Her links with Jupiter and Neptune early in the month coax you to take advantage of this low-key vibe by indulging in private pleasures and the comforts of home. You might enjoy a soulmate connection behind closed doors or bask in the feeling of being loved and supported by people who know you best, like your family. This planetary config is ideal if you need to accept, forgive and heal—so let go and make space for what’s to come! A sun-Neptune tangle on the 7th can make you uncertain of where you stand with someone or what they have to offer. Relations are muddled, so don’t take anything too literally. After Venus sashays into Leo on June 13 for a four-week visit, you’ll be up for seeing people and will have an easier time getting along with everyone. This is a great time for dating, having fun with friends and enjoying life as much as you can. You’re feeling attractive and affectionate, and others are bound to pick up on your warm vibes. There are a few caveats, though: On the 14th, discord between Venus and Uranus can cause you to chafe at responsibilities and dart off in your own direction to play instead of work. And a Venus-Mars opposition a week later could spark an attraction or a conflict (or both!) Whatever happens, it won’t be boring, and since Lions like a bit of drama, this could be your kind of day. When Venus elbows Jupiter on June 25, you might overdo it with simple comforts like delicious food and drink or host a party that spins out of control, but again, this isn’t a recipe for disaster. You just won’t have the self-discipline to enjoy things in moderation. The next day, Mars goes into reverse for two months, and you might start projecting your frustrations onto others inadvertently. Be as straightforward as possible in your interactions and avoid reviving an old fight. Take a step back and think about how your relationships are going. If one is faltering, you might be able to get it back on track by retracing your steps.


August 23–September 22

Your personal life and social life may prove to be a balancing act in June, as planets in your self-expression house face off against planets in your group zone on the 5th, 15th, 23rd and 27th. You may be taking your creativity, love life or a hobby pretty seriously, and that’s making it more difficult to go along with whatever your squad wants. Seek good compromises if there’s some middle ground. And don’t get sucked into comparisons that can only lead to envy and insecurity. Of course there are many good reasons to be aware of what others are doing and thinking, but draw the line where you start to feel inhibited and self-conscious. And keep your critical streak in check; it can cause you to beat up on both yourself andothers. Fortunately, Venus and Mercury are gelling with Jupiter and Neptune in your relationship sectors throughout the month, paving the way for you to meet new people and perhaps pair off with someone special. Whether you make a romantic connection, form a creative partnership or hit it off with a new friend, opening your mind and your heart will allow you to bond with others. Once Venus ducks into your retreat corner on the 13th, where she’ll be chilling for a month, you’ll prefer your own company or that of someone close to you. So don’t feel guilty about skipping parties in favor of a Netflix binge or private time with your bae. The new moon (also on the 13th) nudges you to set a new goal to chase after in the next six months, and it could indicate that you’re about to embark on a fresh chapter in your career. With Mars doing a U-turn in your efficiency corner on the 27th, you may not make obvious progress over the summer, but this is your chance to correct imbalances in your everyday life that impair your productivity. Take another shot at conquering a bad habit. Rework your routine to include more self-care and fewer time-wasters. Let the discrepancies between how you spend your time and energy and what you want for your future motivate you to put fixes in motion.


September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet is poised at the peak of your chart, helping you show off your creative flair and turn on the charm with higher-ups. And June gets off to a promising start, thanks to Venus’s encounters with Jupiter in your worth zone and Neptune in your efficiency corner, which are likely to boost your self-confidence and enable you to feel useful. If you focus on doing something that benefits others, not only will you make a positive impression, but you might also earn some welcome cash while you’re at it. Just keep an eye on your underlying mood on the 5th, when Pluto produces some turbulence that could affect your efforts to come across well. After Venus dances into your network sector on June 13 for a month-long tour, schmoozing your boss will probably take a backseat to seeing your squad. You’ll be in the mood to see plenty of people, but when Venus quarrels with Uranus in your sharing house on the 14th, one particular person could throw you for a loop. Unexpected intimacy with a platonic pal may provide temporary excitement but isn’t likely to turn into something serious. Or you (or another individual) might need more personal space and act fickle and distant. A Venus-Mars opposition one week later again introduces the possibility of a sudden attraction. Plus there’s a chance you’ll want to march to your own beat and will have trouble getting along with a group because of it. But creative compromise is within reach, so look for a way to blend friendship and personal pursuits. Mars starts backspinning in your enjoyment zone on the 26th, and in the next couple of months, you can revive old sources of pleasure and passion. Ask yourself if you’re channeling enough energy into the activities and people you love. Are you chasing something or someone that doesn’t make you happy? It’s time to reconnect with your heart’s desires! The next night’s full moon may stir up buried feelings, calling for you to unpack emotional baggage and liberate yourself from the weight of the past.


October 23–November 21

The appeal of difference is strong with Venus soaring through your exploration house, and her confabs with Jupiter and Neptune as June gets rolling will inspire you to give new people, places and pleasures a chance. Broadening your horizons in this way will feed your soul, make you more aware of the world and help you grow in leaps and bounds. Don’t get too comfortable playing it safe. Color outside the lines! Your obsessive tendencies could take over on the 5th due to a Venus-Pluto opposition, so try not to fixate on a particular POV or you’ll narrow the possibilities unnecessarily. Venus climbs to the top of your chart on June 13, where she’ll be hovering for the next four weeks. You’ll gain ground with authority figures during that period, as they’re inclined to see you in a positive light and find you easy to get along with. Show off your creative talents and take advantage of your ability to draw in people who can mentor you and give you a leg up. Venus’s spat with Uranus on the 14th hints you may not make your intended impression that day and get the reaction you hoped for. You need to allow people to be who they are, and sometimes they’ll surprise you in a good way. A Venus-Mars faceoff on June 21 could place you in the middle of parental friction or create a conflict between taking care of business on the home front and putting on a good show in public. Do your best to juggle and try not to take your frustrations out or you’ll undermine your efforts to project a positive image. When Venus scuffles with Jupiter in Scorpio on the 25th, you might get carried away trying to make your mark, but you can also gain valuable experience. There’s a danger of coming across as smug, so just remind yourself that you’re still learning. Mars goes off the grid the next day for much of the summer, which could make you irritable. Carve out alone time at home and sift through old, challenging feelings and behavior patterns. See if you can transmute stuck anger into healthy aggression, then use it to mobilize you.


November 22–December 21

Thanks to Venus in your depth house syncing with Jupiter and Neptune, June starts off on a great note. If you’re spending quality time with your significant other or someone else close to you, bonding with them will soothe your soul and help you feel like you’re right where you’re meant to be. And if you get involved with a new person, you may feel a strong, soulmate vibe. If you’d rather be by yourself, enjoying peace and quiet will give you a sense of comfort and contentment. Allow yourself to unwind; you don’t always need to be where the action is! Possessiveness, jealousy, control and mistrust might pose a problem on the 5th when Venus and Pluto face off. Avoid a power struggle and try to balance your desires with someone else’s. An intense attraction under this influence could impact your self-esteem, in which case you should remember you’re worth at least as much as the object of your affection. A new moon in your one-on-one angle on June 13 alludes to the possibility of a fresh partnership in the pipeline. Whether it involves romance, business, creativity or something else, it’s worth thinking about your vision of a healthy, equal relationship. What do you need from another person? What do you have to offer them? When Venus segues into your expansion sector hours later, you’ll be less focused on one-on-one relating and more entranced with the idea of being exposed to new cultures, arts, lifestyles, places and people. Taking care of business closer to home will have to come before broadening your horizons on the 14th and 21st, since Venus is squabbling with Uranus and Mars those days. And when Venus tangos with your ruling planet on June 25, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! The next day, Mars goes rogue for most of the summer, which could agitate you. Edit your words when you’re tempted to misdirect anger. Evaluate a course of action you’re on and the way you habitually communicate. How might you tweak those two? A good rule of thumb now: Say less and think more.


December 22–January 19

Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are playing nice in your relationship houses as June gets underway, making it easy to widen the circle of people in your life, reach out to those you already know and get on the same page. You might fall for someone new or partner with another individual on a creative, spiritual or altruistic effort. Although you’re feeling accepting and affectionate, planets in your one-on-one angle go head to head with weightier planets in Capricorn throughout the month, causing you to be cast as the heavy. On June 5, 15, 23 and 27, you could unintentionally shut people down, so try to stay as self-aware as possible. You want to connect with others and maybe get close to a particular person, but Saturn and Pluto can make you seem aloof and controlling when you’re feeling focused and determined. Make a point of expressing your humor, quirks, vision and compassion, especially when Mercury gives you a chance to on the 13th, 19th and 20th. After Venus skips into your depth zone on the 13th, you’re in the mood to bond with someone special. Intimacy won’t be smooth sailing when she clashes with Uranus, Mars and Jupiter on June 14, 21 and 25, so allow for plenty of personal freedom and reserve judgment until things settle down. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s really happening until you have distance. Since Mars will be retrograde in your worth sector from June 26 to August 27, you should turn a chunk of your attention to what you have and what you need. It’s a great time to purge possessions, reassess your financial strategy, balance your budget and contemplate how your self-esteem affects your relationship with money and belongings. And consider how your personal values translate into priorities. Try not to get into arguments over such matters; focus on your own behavior and avoid impulse buys. A full moon in your sign on the 27th brings out all the feels, but with Saturn close by, you’re not likely to have a meltdown. Put yourself first, ask for what you need and indulge in spontaneous fun. If you’re too through with something (or someone), here’s your opportunity to release and move on.


January 20–February 18

You’ll get tons of gratification—and hopefully recognition—from a job well done as the month opens with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune engaged in a productive summit. If you enjoy what you’re doing and are guided by a higher purpose like helping others, you’re apt to be rewarded. Get into a flow, losing yourself in creative, meaningful work and revel in the pleasure of feeling useful and gifted. Mars in Aquarius is driving you to get tons done, and Venus in your efficiency corner is helping you to appreciate the process. After Mercury and the sun leave your play zone and set up camp in your efficiency corner on the 12th and 21st, you’ll be extra serious about blazing through your to-do list. Their faceoffs with Saturn and Pluto on June 15, 23 and 27 can pit today’s tasks against unfinished business, however, and uncertainty or defeatism might deter you from soldiering on. Avoid all-or-nothing thinking. Breaking everything down into doable increments will keep you from getting overwhelmed. On the 13th, a new moon rises in your fulfillment sector and Venus crosses your one-on-one angle, nudging you to spend time with people you care about. A fresh romance, creative pursuit or other source of heartfelt joy may be just around the corner. Venus’s spat with Uranus the next day suggests a mood swing or development at home could cause you to duck out of a date or other fun plans. But a Venus-Mars connection on June 21 can give you the courage to ask out someone you’re attracted to or inspire you to form a beneficial partnership. This yin-yang energy blends the law of attraction with the power of self-assertion and can spur desire or liven up a relationship. Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius from June 26 to August 27, putting you in touch with neglected passions and your inner will. Don’t beat yourself up for the loss of momentum and lack of progress. Go back over what you’ve already done and plug holes. If you’re uninspired and procrastinating, ask yourself what motivates you. Try to locate the fire deep down inside you and stoke the flames!


February 19–March 20

Venus’s harmony with Neptune early in the month gives you full permission to play, create, love and express what’s in your heart. This is a chance to feel seen for who you really are, so don’t hold back. Be open to whatever—and whoever—brings you happiness. Mercury and the sun are hiding out at the base of your chart and challenging your ruler on the 6th and 7th. Communication with family and roommates could go awry, and you may feel unsettled and misunderstood. This is a highly subjective transit, so stick a pin in whatever is throwing you off and come back to it after you’ve had time to let it marinate. The new moon on June 13 alludes to a possible shift in your living situation or your family, and it also nudges you to step up your self-care game. Consider adding a new ritual to your routine in order to make yourself fee more nurtured and content day in and day out. With Venus twirling into your productivity corner that same day, the pleasure of creative work will become readily apparent in the month to come. You’ll also have a positive attitude about working closely with others and doing what you need to do to improve your relationships. When Venus argues with Uranus and Mars on the 14th and 21st, changing your mind, speaking abruptly or letting anger get the best of you could make relations bumpier and undo the good you’re doing. So try to think before you speak and keep an eye on your subconscious motives. Innovative ideas and optimistic vision can enhance your work and your relationships on the 14th and 25th, as long as you feel like you have the freedom to think outside the box and set your own course. After Mars pivots retrograde on June 26, you should make a concerted effort to process repressed anger and evaluate self-sabotaging behavior. What drives you? Do you feel like that mojo is buried now? Bringing difficult emotions to awareness enables you to harness their energy. Try to catch yourself when you act against your own best interests and question what motivates such behavior. Then work on correcting it in the next two months.


March 21–April 19

There’s no place like home in early June when Venus vibes with Jupiter and Neptune, encouraging you to enjoy unwinding in private. Alone time, private time with someone special and hanging out with your family can do you a world of good. Solitude, rest, intimacy, love, quiet, spirituality, sharing and sympathy will soothe your soul, so don’t hesitate to stay in! Venus’s standoff with Pluto on the 5th could point to tension between your parents, or you might feel compelled to curtail your R and R and chase after your goals harder than before. Strive to find a healthy work/life balance because you do need downtime to replenish your reserves. Mercury and the sun tussle with Neptune on June 6 and 7, taking you out of the moment. Your mind is apt to wander and you might feel bewildered or disillusioned. Put off negotiations and decisions until after the fog has cleared. The new moon of June 13 invites you to get active in your community, learn something new, plan a trip or start a writing project. With Venus cruising into your joy sector that day, you’ll start to feel like getting out more. June 13–July 9 is a good period for dating, hobbies, games, fun and expressing creativity and emotions. On the 14th, Venus quibbles with Uranus, signaling that erratic confidence or finances could make having a good time less straightforward than you’d like. And a Venus-Mars opposition on June 21 pits personal pleasure against teamwork, calling for you to compromise. Plus romance and friendship could conflict that day, or you might be attracted to a pal. A love affair could heat up when Venus and Jupiter square off on the 25th. Intimacy will be a rush, and you might need to wait until the high wears off to see what’s real. After your ruling planet begins his two-month retrograde phase on June 26, you might have problems with friends or an organization you belong to. Reconnect with people, think about where particular friendships and group affiliations are headed and review your latest interests and goals. When progress is slow, don’t take your frustrations out on others or overreact if they take theirs out on you.


April 20–May 20

With your ruling planet harmonizing with Jupiter and Neptune in early June, your thoughts and interactions will be enhanced by a flow of positive energy, and you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting with people and soaking up the love and beauty around you. Venus’s opposition with Pluto on the 5th could cast a dark cloud over your pleasant thoughts and create turbulence in your dealings with others. You won’t find it so easy to simply enjoy the moment, as your mind compulsively seeks the deeper meaning behind everything. Try not to obsess; look for a nice balance between breeziness and rumination. Mercury and the sun get lost in Neptune’s fog on June 6 and 7, upping the odds of a misunderstanding with your squad over money, possessions or values. You might feel deceived or disappointed, but don’t try to align your interests; wait for more clarity. Venus dips down to your foundation angle on the 13th for a month-long stay, highlighting the pleasures of home and family. You might get in the mood to do some redecorating, throw a party or host houseguests, and you’ll also enjoy the peace and quiet of alone time at Casa Taurus. But Venus’s spat with Uranus in your sign on June 14 will probably make you too antsy to chill at home. Don’t lose patience with relatives and roomies. Go off and do your own thing if you’re itching for freedom. You’ll need to juggle relaxation and work when Venus and Mars face off a week later because you’ll get stressed if you neglect one for the other. A Venus-Jupiter dustup on the 25th inspires you to relish someone’s company, and the feeling of belonging that you have with them is bound to lift your spirits. After Mars shifts into reverse the next day, don’t push too hard to make career progress between then and late August. Keep frustration in check around higher-ups. Ponder the direction you’re headed in. Weigh which goals you should continue to pursue and which you should shelve. Is there an old goal that you want to revive? Ask yourself what success means to you. And work on bringing your ambition into better balance with the rest of your life.

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