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Namaste in Bed aka Yoga For that Time of the Month

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Posted on June 08 2016

When you’re on your period sometimes all you want to do is stay in bed. Let’s not even discuss having to leave the house to go on a tampon run. Your day is planned around one thing – rest. And you deserve it.

When the world asks you to come out play and you say, “Namaste in bed,” you can still literally namaste in bed and get in some yoga to properly center your body and mind for the day of Netflix and Chill ahead.

Here’s a yoga sequence perfect for that time of the month:


Namaste in Bed also works for those who plan to leave their bed. Whether you take 10 minutes in the morning before you start your day or 10 minutes at night to wind down (or just add it into your bed-centric schedule), it’s sure to help.

Remember that the sequence is designed for a mattress and most other yoga asanas should be done on a hard floor, because the surface offers more support and resistance for stretch. Don’t forget to breath deep and set an intention for your practice!

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