Orgasmic Meditation: Yes, Please, May I Have Another?

Orgasmic Meditation: Yes, Please, May I Have Another?

I have been fascinated for years about the quasi-cult following of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and its founder/guru, Nicole Daedone. The name can be misleading if you don’t think about what happens during the female orgasm, or if you are one of the 10% of women who have never orgasmed and don’t know the sensation. OM centers entirely around the art and practice of the female orgasm and invites women to what I consider a Sexual Awakening Summit.

What is OM?

OM is a practice that can be viewed as sexual but seems more therapeutic than anything once you hear from its practitioners and converts. In fact, the goal of the OM practice is not necessarily orgasming as we know it. In fact, OM wants you to know a significant distinction in the difference between climax and the orgasmic state. The climax is a few moments of physical sensation, whereas the orgasmic state encourages us to go deeper into our bodies and feel connected to it and our partners. There is a more profound sense of pleasure for pleasure’s sake and not an “end goal” to be met (a.k.a. climax). It challenges both partners to be open, vulnerable, and trusting to experience greater intimacy, intensity, and intuition.

So, I just have one question. Can I change my driver’s license to “Orgasmic” instead of “Indiana?” Pretty please?

How do I learn OM?

Well, here is the thing; it is partner-mandatory. And then here’s the other thing, you need to go to one of the centers to do it, and they are only located in five cities (one of them international). Okay, and last bit of maybe-not-great news; you’ll have to pay for it. There is a free online class you can watch, but you really need to go to the center to learn the technique. But all things considered, this still sounds pretty worth it, right?

Now, it is a partner-mandatory practice, but the good news is when you go to one of their centers (located in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Austin, and London) after paying your fee (About $200 before any other add-ons for a “Play Day”), you will find a host of men ready to offer their services if you are single. If you are part of a couple, your mister will learn the technique on you.

The Orgasmic State is in the details…

After arriving at the event, if you are a singleton, you may be approached by men who will offer to practice the technique on you. You have the control in the situation and merely respond with a “Yes” or “No.” Once you find a partner you’d like to practice with, you find a nest. A nest consists of a yoga mat, blankets, and pillows to make you as comfortable as possible while the stroking occurs (and will set you back about two bills, but lube is free). You remove your clothing from the waist down, and your generous volunteer stays clothed. Then he will tell you every single thing he does before he does it to ensure you are comfortable, which is a technique called “safeporting.” This is done to make you feel safe and allow you to give over to the pleasure you are about to feel. The stroker will spend the next 15 minutes stimulating the ten primary spots of the clitoris in different ways and intensities to produce different sensations and feelings based on your feedback and instruction. The idea here is to let the mind dive into your deeper consciousness and connect with your partner while you give in to the pleasure of the orgasmic state. Sometimes you will reach climax and other times you will just drift blissfully in the orgasmic state. You can sample a little bit of the goods in this non-graphic video.

Apprehensions Answered

Yes, if you choose to go sans partner, you may be getting super intimate with a stranger. High points of this though include his willingness to give you the gift of pleasure out of the kindness of his heart. After speaking to one of the trainers, I also learned that some people go to OM events to find a partner.

Yes, your lower half will be exposed to your comfort level in your little orgasm nest. As you well know, the more barriers to the clitoris, the less the possibility it gets attention or proper attention (remember last week at the movies?).

Wonder why these generous, altruistic men are willing to give pleasure to strange women and ask for nothing physical in return? Yeah, it seemed like an entirely foreign concept to me too. After reading many testimonials and talking to one or two guys, I found a few resounding reasons. These men want to learn to be more communicative and giving when they are in their next relationship. They believe it will make them better lovers and that will attract the woman they desire. And then there are my personal favorites, the blessed souls that just love to see and be a part of giving a woman the gift of pleasure. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you.

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