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Orgasms and Other *Interesting* Cramp Remedies

Jessica Lollino

Posted on March 01 2019

Cramps seem like an inescapable fate for many people who have periods every month. Over half of people who menstruate report some sort of cramping or pain while they are menstruating. No doubt you’ve been told to eat right, exercise, and drink lot of water to make them better (Are you rolling your eyes because I sure do when someone tries to ‘Goop me.’)

But when all the green juice or SoulCycle in the world doesn’t make our cramps cease, we need to try something new. In that vein, here are some of the more unique cramp remedies that you may want to take for a spin next moon cycle.


Finally, a pharmaceutical to make every body happy! Allegedly the little blue pill could take your period blues away. Recent studies show that this erection enhancer (pharmaceutical name sildenafil citrate) reduces pelvic pain because it dilates blood vessels. Speaking of Viagra…


Just another way orgasm does a body good! Orgasms release endorphins which make you feel better instantly. Before an orgasm, the uterus is more relaxed; then at climax, blood flow increases helping to relieve cramps.

Penetrative sex also has been shown to shorten periods and acts like an internal massage. If you need a little how-to for hot sex on your period, check out this article.

Red raspberry leaf tea extract

Known for centuries to ease childbirth, it’s also being used for cramps. According to a study in International Journal of Herbal Medicine, the extract has a high mineral content which helps relax uterine muscles. It also has elevated levels of fragene which is known to strengthen the entire pelvic floor and uterus. It can also decrease bleeding which leads to fewer cramps. You can sip it in a tea or use a tincture.

Cannabis-Infused Suppositories

The same company that brought you an arousing cannabis-infused pleasure spray specially designed for women are doubling down with their new product, Foria Relief, a vaginal suppository to help with menstrual pain.

It contains 60mg THC and 10mg CBD and is inserted vaginally to deliver relief directly where the pain is. If you give this a shot, be sure to pop your MJ suppository in the freezer for 15 minutes, so it’s nice and firm for application. A nice bonus is it makes your vagina smell like a coconutty confection (if you like that sort of thing).

KT Tape

Now you have another use for your multi-colored kinesiology tape! Research featured in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that taping near your pelvic region before and during menstruation relieves pain. The tape stimulates sensory receptors in the skin, thus helping muscles relax and reducing cramps. Curious about how to tape? Here’s a nifty video to help you!

Black Haw and Black Cohosh

If you’re from the South, you may already be aware of these two herbs native to the Southern US. They are natural muscle relaxants which tend to lower uterine spasms (those things that feel like you’ve suddenly been electrocuted in the uterus) and pain in general.

Shelve the Heels

For the week of your period, experiment with the joy of flats. Heels can displace your uterus, cause postural and pelvic instability, and create additional muscle tension. Why make yourself suffer more than you need to?


I just discovered these amazing little chocolate hearts made with CBD oil when I was reading something for some article I was researching and immediately ordered them. They are a godsend for anyone experiencing serious pain (or anxiety). Just one yummy heart has me good pretty much all day, and I am someone who has a “four-horsemen of the Apocalypse type cramps,” no joke.

Hopefully, you are inspired to try a little something new in search of a less painful period. If all else fails, you could get medieval on it and sacrifice a toad to the fire (if effigy of course). Whatever works, right?

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