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The G Spot: What the Hell is it?

Andrea Blair Cirignano

Posted on July 26 2016

Whether or not we (or our partners) have ‘found’ this elusive and mysterious area of the female anatomy, we’ve all heard of the G-Spot but what is it, where is it and what, exactly does it do?

From a medical perspective, “the G-Spot is a plexus (or a collection) of nerves and blood vessels in the mid and upper or anterior wall of the vagina,” says Adeeti Gupta MD, FACOG, Gynecologist and Sex Therapy expert.

A ‘plexus’ might not sound very sexy or exciting but a collection of nerves and blood vessels means sensitivity and increased sensitivity leads to opportunity for heightened arousal because this collection “provides blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral area in times of need like during orgasm, labor and after delivery,” adds Dr. Gupta.

Now, you may have heard about ‘orgasmic’ labor but that’s not really the biological function of the G-Spot during labor and delivery. During a vaginal delivery, the baby will inevitably pass by the G-Spot and unless you’re one of the very rare women getting off during labor, this likely won’t cause feelings of arousal but, rather, a bit of relief. A common theory is that the pleasure of this stimulation takes a little of the edge off of childbirth and makes it slightly more bearable. In truth, you probably don’t even realize it’s happening.

So if the G-Spot makes sex more enjoyable and childbirth less painful, no wonder it’s the promise land of the female terrain. However, some of us have a more sensitive ‘spot’ than others and aside from hormonal fluctuations, there’s not much we can do to change what we’ve got.

According to Dr. Gupta, it’s a common misconception that you need to (or even can) reinforce or ‘enhance’ the G-Spot. “Even if you try to make it thicker with artificial injections, you cannot make it more sensitive to touch to help with arousal,” she adds, “ It’s a myth. The nerve plexus is situated too deep.”

Dr. Gupta adds that elective surgery and/or injections like these can sometimes even cause more harm than good by scarring the tissue and resulting in less pleasurable and even painful sex.

Basically, it’s not a black and white issue. Perhaps the fact that the G-Spot is such grey territory is what makes it so alluring and why we’ll never stop exploring. Some of us will ‘find’ it, some of us won’t and we’re pretty much stuck with our current level of sensitivity in this area so embrace your body and enjoy the search.

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