Understanding Moon Cycles and Your Period

Understanding Moon Cycles and Your Period

Looking out into the night sky at the big, bright full moon fills us with wonder. Its allure goes far beyond the asthetic. Understanding moon cycles, in fact, can help to explain and mirror what happens in a woman’s body when she is on her period.

In a study reported by the US National Library of Medicine, a significant proportion of the women tested began their period around the same time that a new moon appeared. The period cycle of 29.5 days coincides with that of the moon cycles, which is also about 29.5 days. During this month long period, the cycle of the moon and the period hold both literal and symbolic meaning.

Waxing Moon

The first moon cycle, the waxing moon, often depicted by a crescent, is a sign of new beginnings and growth. Periods during this time are marked by being more inward and self-nourishing. During this time, it is a good idea to think, learn, read, and plan for new, exciting, and rewarding events to happen in your life and in the world.

Full Moon

The full moon is a symbol of fire, abundance, power and vitality. During a full moon, it is time to reclaim one’s own power, make significant changes, good decisions, and be in creative fullness. The energy of full moon menstruation is one of nourishing and revitalizing the world. There are many transformations which occur in the world during this time. It makes sense, then, that learning to transform negative energies into positive ones is supported during this cycle. For instance, one can transform pesky menstrual cramps into sensuousness.

Waning Moon

This moon cycle represents maturity and harvest. It is a time when the menstrual energy is world nourishing. It is during this time that the woman’s body becomes most prepared to usher in new life, literally ripe for a harvest. It is no wonder, then, that many babies are born during this time.

New Moon

The new moon is all about restructuring and creating. This is also a time for internal self-nourishing. Emotional issues may come to the forefront during this menstrual period which can be processed and released, much like period blood during its last phase of the menstrual cycle.

While there has been much debate about the moon and the period being linked, the similarities between the two are uncanny. To think that following the cycle of the moon can give you a good idea of where you are physically and emotionally is absolutely amazing. Women have been using the moon to regulate and make sense of their period in terms of their emotions and even when deciding when to have children, for centuries.

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