Why Period Leaks Happen and How to Stop Them

Why Period Leaks Happen and How to Stop Them

Not again! You thought you had it on lock, but period leaks persist. There are tons of reasons leaks happen and the good news is nearly all are something you can prepare for. Here are some of the most common reasons period leaks happen and a few strategies to proactively deal with them.

The Bleed Through

Does anyone not experience this? It can happen for any host of reasons. Either you misjudged your flow level, didn’t have any extra products on hand, only had a skinny tampon when a super plus was needed, or you got stuck in a meeting and couldn’t slip out to change. Whatever the reason, you now have an issue of a whole other level.

My Cup Overfloweth

Like the above, your menstrual cup didn’t get emptied in time for one reason or another. You were stuck on the subway, forgot to set a timer, or got lost in Chris Evans’ eyes while watching Captain America for the 42ndtime. All forgivable offenses.

The Application Complication

There are many ways this one shakes out. Your menstrual cup didn’t get exactly where it needed to go because you were in a hurry. Maybe your tampon did the weird veer left that it likes to do and you didn’t have a second to pull and replace. Your pad may not have completely adhered to your undies and now it’s wobbling its way around your entire undercarriage. All uncomfortable and all courting disaster.

The Super Sneeze

This affects everyone, no matter what method of period product you use. A big sneeze comes, and it causes a hurricane throughout your entire body and boom—leakage.

Early Arrivals

You thought you had another three days, but your period disagrees. It could be new meds, recent weight-loss or a host of other reasons. She shows up ready to go and you are less than prepared and as such, leakage happens.

Spotty Reception

This is when your period plays peek-a-boo and you aren’t in a playful mood. Sometimes our periods show up due to hormonal issues in our bodies, infections, stress, or ovulation.

How to Prevent Period Leaks

Like the Boy Scouts say, “Always be prepared.” Always keep a backup stock of products in your home, gym bag, purse, and desk just in case. Be sure to refill your reserves after your period ends or subscribe to Monthly Gift so you never run out! When my period starts, I put a bright pink post-it on my front door that reads “Don’t forget your period arsenal” so I don’t leave the house without ensuring I have everything I need.

I also recently started wearing Dear Kates as a back-up to my usual period management system. They are leak resistant, stain releasing, and moisture wicking so they are able to hold up to any leakage issues I face and feel super soft. They are also the perfect marriage of sexy and functional, which is key for me as I don’t want to be caught in granny panties. My favorites are the Hazel Hipsters. Between them, Monthly Gift, and my reminders, period leaks are a thing of the past.

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