10 Tips for Having Hot Sex on Your Period

10 Tips for Having Hot Sex on Your Period

There’s no need to close up shop when Aunt Flo comes to town. In fact, it is one of the most pleasurable times for both women and men to enjoy a little love in the afternoon. Because the vagina has all sorts of business currently in play, it is warmer and tighter. This means extra sensation for you because you are extra sensitive and an extra snug feel for him since you are a bit swollen while nature takes its course.

So, if it feels so good, why do couples not green light sex while in the red zone? Surprisingly, the ladies are the one nixing the nookie. More than 75% of men are into period sex, thought 54% say they’ll only do it with a girlfriend or wife. Many women report a reduction in cramps and bloating after period sex, as well as a general feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Allegedly it also hastens your period, making it stop sooner (but I haven’t seen scientific data backing this up, this is primarily anecdotal).

  1. Lay down a dark towel before you get it on.
  2. Remove your tampon right before you start foreplay and go with a pantyliner instead, it should hold you over. There’s nothing less sexy that things heating up and having to take a knee to run to the bathroom and remove a tampon.
  3. This is a wonderful time to let him take the lead and leave your cowgirl hat off for a few days. Try side-sex or missionary with variations and twists.
  4. Shower sex is exceptionally hot and no muss, no fuss!
  5. Try the Mongolian Smurf Sex Position – It is a male-dominant position that lets you lay back and enjoy. It’s also a very sensual position, allowing for closeness, deep penetration, and goes to and from spooning with ease.
  6. Keep a warm cloth (or wet wipes) nearby for quick clean-ups.
  7. The “pull to the side” move. It was made infamous in “Drunk in Love,” the famous pull the panties to the side in haste move. Just because it’s your period, it doesn’t mean you can’t have spontaneous sex, in fact, if you are wearing a pad and you get a little feisty before you hit the sheets, he can pull your panties to the side while you have sex and then if there is any additional flow after he retreats, the pad is there to get it. Practical and pretty hot.
  8. If he is a bit squeamish, amp up your l’amour with a blindfold. All he gets is the feels and you both get the squeals. But remember, you can use that blindfold any other times too!
  9. Sex from behind is also improves your chance at a G-spot orgasm since you’re extra sensitive.
  10. Use a condom so he can just roll off any extra blood that remains. Safe sex is also always sexy!

Break the chains that are stopping you from having great period sex. Now that you know these tricks, enjoy your treats!

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