6 Things You May Actually Want to Do for Spring Cleaning

6 Things You May Actually Want to Do for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning: it’s something real live adults say they do in the blooming season. And just thinking about it can make you anxious.

While you might not be up for rearranging every piece of furniture in your home and deep cleaning your soul, we’ve put together a list of some tangible Spring cleaning tasks, easily accomplished and super useful to your future self.

Get on Track

Now’s the time to slap on that Fitbit that you’ve relegated to a bottom drawer and download a cycle tracking app (it’s free). Get in control of your health one step at a time – and this first step is an easy one.


It may seem like a small thing, but when your inbox is full of spam, you learn to love the process of un-subscribing. It’s often a tiny link that’s hard to find, but it’s worth sleuthing around and clicking through to get yourself off that mailing list; your future clean inbox will thank you.

Sign up

Same thing goes for paid accounts (Netflix, NYT, Spotify, etc.); take inventory of what you’re signed up for, these monthly fees can add up so make sure you’re making use of these accounts and if you’re not, cancel them. Save that green.

Cull your Closet

Whether you’re slimming down your closet and going for the capsule collection, or you just want to make room for your full and complete Spring wardrobe, now is the time to consign, donate and bid adieu to those threads you once adored.

And your Contacts

Culling your contacts may seems overwhelming, but it’s another treat to your future self and you know you’ve been meaning to do this for years. Clean up your rolodex (extra points if you have a physical rolodex) and make room for those meaningful connections we’re all seeking out there.

Do a Beauty Reboot

Sorting through your makeup and beauty supplies means everything from tossing the empty lipstick tubes you’ve been sentimentally holding onto, throwing out (and replacing) expired products and cleaning your brushes, sharpeners, etc. Here are some great tips.

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