7 Period Symptoms No One (Really) Talks About

7 Period Symptoms No One (Really) Talks About

While talking about our periods has never really been water cooler conversation, there are some symptoms we do talk about – a lot. Cramps, for one, and they’re certainly a doozy. But there are a quite few other side effects of our cycle that no one (really) shares about. For various reasons, these symptoms go undiscussed. Not anymore!

Here are 7 period symptoms that you (and lots of other people) may be experiencing:

1. Constipation and/or Diarrhea
You may notice your bowel habits during your period are, well, different. This is due to the size of the uterus. The uterus lining thickens before your period and this leads to constipation. When you have your period, the uterus decreases in size, which may cause diarrhea.

2. Itchy down there?
Due to hormones, women become itchier during their periods. The bleeding may cause itchiness, but usually, it is yeast growth. FYI: Yeast is normal (though a yeast infection is not). During your period, the pH value of vaginal secretions changes, which can put you at a higher risk for vaginal infection.

3. Everything hurts more!
Pain receptors change in your body in response to the period cycle. During different times of the cycle, pain may be tolerated less. Basically, if you’re planning a pre-vacation wax, put off the appointment until after your period.

4. Focus…
Feeling like you have ADD during your period? There are neurotransmitters that release prior to your period that may be responsible for this. You may feel like your brain is “fuzzy” when trying to think straight.

5. The blues (and mean reds)
Catch yourself sobbing over that car insurance commercial? Did your partner raise their eyebrow half a centimeter too much and it makes you want to scream? Blame those period hormones, specifically serotonin. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD, affects about 5% of women. It consists of severe depression and anxiety during the week before your period. Once bleeding starts, symptoms subside.

6. Balloon body
With premenstrual syndrome, water retention is common. About 60% of women complain of feeling like they are swollen all over. That said, weight gain is not likely with the bloating and swelling. Lowering the amount of salt and refined carbohydrates may help though. Say bye to potato chips and candy. Not so long, but see you later.

7. Up all night
Can’t sleep? Two main hormones that are increased during your period are responsible for this. One is estrogen and one is progesterone. Estrogen makes you extra hot and progesterone can make it hard to sleep. Exercise has been known to help.

Though certainly uncomfortable and definitely an annoyance, these symptoms are temporary and very common. Do you experience any of these symptoms? To join the conversation, share your stores and solutions below.









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