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8 Tips for Feeling Empowered on Your Period (And Anytime)

Andrea Wesley

Posted on December 25 2017

Periods normally feel like a punishment for having a vagina. None of the phases easing into that time of the month are ever enjoyable. You feel sluggish, irritable, want to eat everything in sight and overall just feel like a useless mess of a person. While it can definitely feel like a rather unsexy and unflattering time, it doesn’t have to be.

There are some pretty simple and badass ways to make yourself feel both amazing and empowered on your period. Here are a few ways how:

Dress up for no reason.

Normally when you’re on your period, you probably reach for your most comfortable, bloat friendly outfits which only add to your feelings of frump and while those stretchy pants are definitely a must, try propping up your look with something a little bit more put together than you would normally reach for when the crimson tides start approaching. You’d be surprised how bossy you’ll feel by rocking your perfectly fitted and tapered blazer instead of your go-to period floaty top.

Have an orgasm.

Yes, period sex can be messy and masturbation might be the last thing on your mind but let’s face it, when your body is under attack by its own uterus, sometimes an orgasm is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll thank me later and once you realize how great a post-O glow on your skin takes away from the usual period skin flare-up.

Work it out.

You might feel like hitting the couch after work is the greatest idea for period blues, but stop it. No seriously, stop it. Your period is literally the best time to hit up that fitness class or work your muscles out at the gym because the endorphins need releasing more than ever during this time. Sure, you might be a bit slower than your normal, period free days, but you’ll feel fucking fantastic afterwards. Plus, letting out that PMS aggression in a workout is far more of a powerful feeling than telling someone off in a hormone induced rage.

Get plenty of rest.

Your monthly cycle does a number of things to your body, one of which is it makes you more fatigued than normal. Instead of trying to combat the tiredness, give yourself permission to hit the sheets early or take that nap your body is craving. It’s easy to feel like having a period isn’t an excuse to abandon your normal Superwoman rituals, but even superheroes need their rest. Feeling well rested on your period is not only exactly what your body needs, it’ll also make you feel more alert and ready to tackle your days.

Schedule a spa-date for yourself.

If you track your cycle (which you should), you’ll know when to expect the red dragon to make its appearance. Have you ever gotten deep tissue massage during your period? Believe me when I say it’s incredible! Not only do you get to have those annoying cramps tackled by a pro, it’ll also give you something to look forward to during a time you least look forward to. Plus, who doesn’t love the spa? Treat yourself!

Go outside.

Sometimes when Mother Nature hits you in the ovaries, the best thing to do is to join her; as they say if you can’t beat them, join them. Going for a nice walk or run through nature is a great way to de-stress and being in nature is proven to help with feelings of anxiety, which affects many women during their monthly cycle.

Dare to ditch your boring period undies.

An empowered woman is a woman in control of her life and her body. While having designated period underwear is always a safe bet, dare to wear something a little bit racier with the intent to catch any leaks before they happen. Wearing something racy under your clothes, knowing it’s your own little secret is always a great feeling but when exercised correctly, it can feel downright badass during your period. Period panties that don’t sacrifice style and sexiness? Yep, those exist.

Stop whining and ride it out.

Let’s get real for a second. Your period is inevitable, unless you have opted for some form of birth control that eliminates the monthly visit. The easy thing to do is complain about it and in all honesty, we ALL complain about it. Not to hammer the suck-it-up-princess point but, well, suck it up. You’re a badass woman who survives the fury of a period every single month so why waste the energy beating yourself down about it every few weeks? Instead, put your game face on and roll through those days like the strong woman you are. Get your massage, wear your sexiest underwear, put on some lipstick and keep your shit together. You’ve got this.

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