A PMS'ing Girl's Guide to Peanut Butter

A PMS'ing Girl's Guide to Peanut Butter

It’s a totally normal scene, one that replays each month: you’re about to start your period, you open the fridge, then the cupboard, searching…for something… you just don’t quite know what. Emotions run high as you seek the perfect snack, one snack to rule them all, to take away that gnawing sadness welling up inside, the anger caused by all those Hulu commercials. This treat will be your salvation.

For me, my PMS cravings are intense and they usually start and finish with some sort of peanut butter treat. Now I know a thing or two about peanut butter, I fancy myself quite the connoisseur, so I will share with you my guide to all things Peanut Butter in order that you may have a safe (and delicious) place to go when you’re feeling…stuff…

Let’s start with the best (Why do people leave the best for last? When I’m crazed and craving sweets, give me the best!)

The day that I found the Fresh Peanut Butter section of Whole Foods it was a magical. Images of Cortez and Columbus come to mind as I consider the magnitude of my discovery. Flip the switch and that buttery goodness is created before your eyes. You decide for how long to let the flow go, you decide how kind to be to yourself. Usually a big tub can last a couple days, but if you’re going to any sort of social thing, get your own tub for home. People go nuts over this stuff!

If you’re going to go namebrand, I have two suggestions: Peanut Butter & Co or Justin’s. Both are all natural, both come in a variety of flavors (and types). I go for Crunch Time with Peanut Butter & Co, the even layer of crunch is everything. For Justin’s, you really can’t go wrong, especially with their snack packs (mmm).

DIY Peanut Butter Goodies:

-Solo (can’t go wrong)
-With Apple slices (“healthy”)
Cookies (worth the work)
-PB Sandwich (PB, Banana, Nutella)
-PB Smoothie (PB, Banana, Honey, Milk)
-PB anything (PB, anything else)

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels are always a good idea. There’s lots of brands who have capitalized on this genius idea, but my go-to is Trader Joe’s. If you want to get meta, you can dip these bites into peanut butter. I’ve also had great experiences dipping them in Nutella too.

Reese’s anything. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say it because it’s chocolate and peanut butter, but just as a reminder – Reese’s will set you free. I like the mini cups because it feels like restraint, but it’s never just one…

The choices really are endless and you really can’t go wrong with Peanut Butter, it is sure to satisfy even your craziest cravings. This is just a simple guide to get you started. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of fivehearthome

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