Four Fabulous Female Artists (Who we Discovered thru Internet'ing)

Four Fabulous Female Artists (Who we Discovered thru Internet'ing)

While some may argue that social media is unproductive, it’s undeniable that platforms like Instagram allow for incredible discovery. We can connect with and explore the amazing works of artists around the world whom we may well have never found before.

In celebration of all the wonderful artists making work that is now finding its way into the hands (via the smartphones) of people across the globe, we’re highlighting some fabulous female artists we’ve discovered through our online travels:

Olympia Zagnoli (@olimpiazagnoli) is a Milan based illustrator whose high profile clients include Google, Tachen and The New Yorker. Her style is vibrant and bold, delight abounds.

Olimpia Zagnoli "Learn Different" an illustration for The New Yorker Illustration for Marie Claire Italy about Davide Bowie's Indonesia.Why Smokers Still Smoke for The New York Times Sunday Review.

Ola Onda (@Ola_Onda) is a wife and husband photography team based in LA with a playful, creative and contemporary aesthetic and a hugely exciting and varied portfolio.

Ola Onda

Afterlife / Afterparty Series 2013Collaboration between TUSK

Stacey Rozich (@staceyrozich) is a fantastic illustrator whose art is an ode to folkloric narrative with wide reaching cultural references whose magical work has appeared in Lucky Peach, The New Yorker, The Stranger and more.

1425934299232Lookbook1+copyTiger1 WarmerClimate+copy

Kindah Khalidy (@kindahkhalidy) is a highly talented and innovative painter and textile designer who produces limited edition ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Her clients include Anthropologie and Old Navy.

kindah khalidy kindah khalidy kindah khalidy tank kindah khalidy clutch

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