The Art of Adulting: 20 Life Tips Learned In My Twenties

The Art of Adulting: 20 Life Tips Learned In My Twenties

Your twenties truly are the years that will shape the rest of your life. They lay the foundation of who you are and who you will be for decades to come as you finesse the art of adulting.

For myself, being in my twenties was a pretty pivotal part of my life, complete with challenges and griefs. Out of this time came invaluable lessons.

Now I’m in my thirties, which are rumored (and shaping up to be) the best years of my life, but I know none of this awesome adulting would be possible without the things that I learned in my twenties.

Losing friends is a necessary process.

I lost friends and drifted from people I thought would be in my life and close to me forever. It sucked at the time but it was completely necessary for me to grow myself in ways I never imagined. Some people were toxic and had me going down a dark and dead end road but I escaped and I’m all the wiser for it.

Heartbreaks are actually healthy to experience- they make you stronger.

Having my heart broken was brutal at times but in hindsight, experiencing those temporary setbacks was what made me want to propel myself forward and make my life even more amazing than before. Building myself back up again after setbacks to my heart made me stronger.

You need to love a couple losers before you love a unicorn.

Dating assholes isn’t a fun experience, but it’s necessary to appreciate those gems that come along later on. I now know what kind of guy I truly want to see in my future and I’m able to weed out the boneheads sooner than later. It turns out those jerks were actually good for something.

Taxes are a hugely important thing to learn.

They teach zero things about taxes in high school, but will teach you how to correctly identify different types of triangles. That’s great and all but what I really needed to learn was about taxes! Thankfully, I got my shit together and figured it out. Apparently it’s a very important part of adulthood.

Voting isn’t just my right; it’s something I need and should to do for my own future.

Even if my voice is small, I have the power to make my own statement. Politics are an important thing to pay attention to because our ever changing world relies on each and every small voice to help make a real change in our world.

Good quality skincare > getting the cheap stuff on sale.

Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s the wiser choice for my skin. I may have been a savvy shopper but investing in good quality skincare late in my 20s is what really changed the game for me and helped me to enter my 30s more confident and with healthy skin.

My parents were right about everything.

I used to think a lot of the things my parents told me and the life lessons they tried to hammer into me were insane. As it turns out, I was the only insane one in the equation. They were right all along.

Adult responsibilities and bills are tricky to manage.

Figuring out finances was tough at first, but after a few (dozen) mistakes and lessons learned, I learned how to properly be an adult with my bills. Yay!

Learning to cook isn’t just cheaper, it’s also better for my health.

No matter how appealing and convenient takeout and fast food might be, nothing tastes better (and is more affordable) than a home cooked meal.

Family is so important- they always have your back.

At the end of the day, the most important people in my life are the ones who have been there all along- my family. Not only do they know me the best, they also welcome me with open arms no matter how many mistakes I’ve made or how many battles I need help with in life.

Having a few quality friends is infinitely better than having a large quantity of average ones.

I used to relish the fact that I had a big girl crew. Having a squad to go out with felt powerful, but it was also draining at times with the drama that comes with large numbers. A few amazing friends is way better than a ton of average ones- there’s more trust.

Good quality and comfortable shoes are worth the investment.

Having a closet full of shoes is great but having happy ankles and good posture is even better. A good pair of shoes is always worth the investment.

My mom is actually on my side and wants what’s best for me.

No one knows better than Mom. She’s still the first person I call when there’s something I’m unsure of. Growing up and growing my relationship with my mother was probably the best part about my 20s- she’s my ultimate best friend.

The loss of loved ones makes you realize how precious life really is.

I never really understood how precious life was until I witnessed people I cared about being ripped from my life and from earth in such a devastating way. Life is short and I appreciate the time I have with people even more now- you never know which day will be the last.

Pick and choose your battles wisely- pointless drama isn’t worth the stress.

I don’t always need to be right and not every error deserves a reaction. There are times when it’s best for me to just be in control of my own feelings because I value my relationships more than my ego.

Shopping for home décor > shopping for cheap clothes.

If someone had told me that I would become more excited about shopping for home décor than I would be about a sample sale, I would have laughed in their faces but alas, here I am!

Hangovers really start to hurt.

Alcohol and I have a love hate relationship. I can still enjoy a few cocktails, but the days of endless shots and bar tabs are a thing of the past. I suffered a few times in my 20’s before I truly figured it out, and sometimes I even fuck up in my 30s but at least I’m more prepared and equipped these days- I know what to expect from my body.

Real love is worth the wait.

Even if I didn’t find the guy of my dreams in my 20s, I’m happier knowing that I’m not in the wrong relationship and that I’m holding out for that one truly amazing connection that will make the rest of my life worth the wait.

Settling down in a career feels amazing.

When I finally landed the career I wanted after many short winded and failed attempts at mediocre jobs, the feeling of bliss was immense. A weight had been lifted. I had finally found my place. I was home.

I’m not the know it all I thought I was.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know in the earlier part of my twenties but as it turns out, the closer I got to my 30s and those final years of my 20s really solidified everything. I’ve never experienced such a soul twisting and eye opening chapter of life but even though they won’t be the last lessons I learn, the lessons of my 20s were definitely the most crucial.

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