Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Weed Suppositories but Were too Afraid to Ask

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Weed Suppositories but Were too Afraid to Ask

Wait. What?

Vaginal marijuana suppositories! They’re designed to relieve your menstrual cramps without getting you high. They’re made by Foria Relief.

Without getting high? Doesn’t that take all the fun out of cannabis?

You tell me.

So I have to shove it up my…?


Wait. I’m still stuck on how these things even work.

According to Foria’s website, “Foria Relief contains both THC and CBD, the two key active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. Together they activate certain cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region when introduced into the body via these specially formulated suppositories. Users have reported a significant decrease in the pain and discomfort often associated with menstruation.”

Is it safe?

It’s not FDA-approved, if that’s what you’re asking. However, Foria includes the following statement on product safety on their website: “To ensure the cleanest and safest final product possible we test Foria at multiple stages through Steep Hill Labs. We test for potency, pesticides, residual solvents and microbials. Finally, Foria undergoes a ‘hot-fill’ bottling process that allows us to produce a microbial-free product without the use of artificial preservatives.”

Well, what’s in it? I’m sure as hell not going to just shove these up my vag without knowing the contents.

Just three ingredients: CO2 distilled THC oil, CBD Isolate, and organic cocoa butter. Each serving contains 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD.

All right, I’m intrigued. What other cannabis-based products can I get my hands on?

Foria’s other products are aimed at enhancing women’s sexual pleasure via cannabis-based oils and anal suppositories.

OK, I’m in.

Not so fast! You can only get Foria’s products if you live in California or Colorado!

That’s not fair.

Life’s not fair. Deal with it.

Smoking weed is also something people do to help with PMS. And life.

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