Dear Kate x Say Hi: Cannabis Based Solutions for Period Pain

Dear Kate x Say Hi: Cannabis Based Solutions for Period Pain

By Dear Kate x Say Hi

Periods can be a huge pain, and we mean that literally. Fortunately, it’s 2018 and women are free to talk about PMS, PMDD and their periods however often they damn well please. And because we are talking about them we can come up with more solutions to them, too. One of those sought-after solutions is cannabis.

Indeed, cannabis has proven to be a worthwhile product for an increasing number of women as a natural, non-hormonal, and effective way to treat their menstrual symptoms. But, forget your visions of women rolling up joints or packing bongs. No no. Women are far more inventive than that when it comes to staving off period pain.

Instead, women are using tinctures, topical lotions, edibles, and even cannabis-infused bath salts that contain cannabidiol (CBD), one of the primary compounds found in cannabis has the power to reduce painful inflammation, to manage their symptoms.

Together with Say Hi, the only online destination to discover an edited assortment of modern cannabis products, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the various types of period pain and some cannabis based solutions for those interested in trying them.


Cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea, is the most common type of period pain. One study in the Journal of Pain research even found that 84.1 percent of women experience cramps.

For most, cramps start at the same time as their period beings, or just slightly before. Cramping pain is typically at its worst for the first two to three days after symptoms begin.

Cramps are caused by the uterus contracting, as it works to expel the lining it builds up every month in anticipation of potential conception. The body then releases chemicals called prostaglandins to help this process along – sometimes more than necessary, which increases the amount of pain women experience. Some people’s nerves seem to be more sensitive to these sensations, and if you’re especially lucky (sorry) you’ll not only feel the pain in your abdomen but in your legs and lower back, too.


As an ingestible, this can help you manage the gamut of period pain types, from cramps to muscle pain.


While some women experience intermittent breast pain throughout their cycles, others find their breasts hurt only around their period, typically in the first couple of days or just before (sometimes both).

This is because the drop in estrogen and rise in progesterone just before a period causes milk ducts and lobes in the breasts to enlarge, making them more sensitive. This can provoke anything from a dull ache to sharp, stabbing pains. If you have cysts or fibroadenomas (small, benign tumors in the breast) these may also be more swollen and painful.

SOLUTION: EMPOWER BODYCARE, White Label Topical Relief Lotion

Empower BodyCare’s relief lotion is great for addressing joint and muscle pain.


The hormonal changes before a woman’s period begins can cause headaches, which are debilitating enough, but menstrual migraines are a whole new circle of hell.

The first couple of days of a woman’s cycle are when they are most likely to be found pushing an ice pack firmly against their temples.

It’s not clear why some women are more affected than others but poor sleep, taking hormonal birth control, stress and certain foods (including chocolate, cheese, and vinegar) could be making things worse. So instead of reaching for that late-night grilled cheese sandwich try soaking away the pain with some CBD-infused products instead.


Empower’s soaking salts help relieve the spectrum of period-related pain.


If you find your muscles and joints ache more when you have your period, especially in those first few days, you’re not alone. Women’s prostaglandin levels increase around their period, which can cause inflammation and in turn can cause further joint aches. When levels of estrogen dip before a period, women also seem to be more sensitive to pain, so if you have an existing chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis, it’s likely to hurt more at the start of their cycle.


Little Green Bee’s Medical Massage Oil is ideal for relieving joint and muscle pain. Using CBD derived from cannabis, this is available in CA only.


Though it may not be an actual pain your sugar cravings can get way out of control before, during, or hell even after your period. If that’s the case for you try SOUL ADDICT: Holy Cacao Butter. It’s lighter in CBD than Soul Addict’s tincture, but has the added benefit of being a delicious treat, which is always appreciated no matter what time of the month it is.


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