Fangirl Friday: Amelia Earhart

Fangirl Friday: Amelia Earhart

She’s a woman who needs no introduction. Amelia Earhart is a household name, known far and wide as one of the most famous aviators to have ever flown.

Earhart Earhart
Earhart was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In the world of 1920s America, a woman in the flight field was a rare sight, breaking records was even more of an event. Flying was a decidedly boyish endeavor, but Earhart was persistent in her passion.

Born in 1847, her love of flying was formed at a young age when she saw an air fair flight show by a WWI ace. Years later, after abandoning her collegiate plans to move home to be with her parents, she took a flight with her father that forever changed her life. She learned how to fly, working various jobs to save for lessons, all in pursuit of what she knew to be her true calling.

Earhart Earhart
In 1923, Amelia Earhart become the sixteenth woman to receive a pilot’s license and five years later she made history for her transatlantic flight. Her achievements, along with her iconic and unique look made her a celebrity, the media dubbed her “Lucky Lindy” because of her resemblance to famed flyer Charles Lindberg (who had made the solo voyage across the Atlantic in 1927).

Much came from her celebrity and Earhart used this platform well. She took on an editorial position at Cosmopolitan where she campaigned for great acceptance of women in aviation. She completed many more record breaking solo flights during her career, but one that is so well remembered is, tragically, her last.

Earhart Earhart
Her plan was to fly around the world, a daring quest equal to her adventurous spirit. Somewhere over the Pacific, contact with Earhart’s plane was lost. Her disappearance remains a mystery to this day, but her legend will never fade.

A true pioneer, Amelia Earhart will forever fly high in the minds and hearts of all who hear her story.

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