How Grown Men Handle Periods and PMS

How Grown Men Handle Periods and PMS

Women are certainly no strangers to being given shit from men for having our period. We’ve all heard the comments about our moodiness or been treated like our monthly pain in the uterus is no big deal, but thankfully not all guys throw shame to our lady time. Whether it’s a boyfriend, brother, or just a guy friend, some guys get it because they’re grown ass men and they know how to handle PMS and a woman on her period. Here’s how:

He lets her have her time without grief.

As a good and smart man, he doesn’t play the victim to her period when he knows she’s taking the brunt of the force from her own body. Instead he retreats to a safe distance when he knows she needs her space, and offers his kindness when she needs it, too.

He’s sensitive to the fact that her hormones are all over the map.

Most guys understand the fact that her time of the month comes a surge of emotions that can pivot and change drastically at any given moment. Instead of making her feel worse about her hormonal shifts, he brushes it off and gets that she’s just going through hell both physically and emotionally.

He buys her the comfort foods she needs.

There’s no smarter man than one that brings his woman her favorite treats or snacks when she feels like her uterus is turning into a Venus flytrap, gripping her insides with no remorse. It’s not about showering her with gifts and affections; it’s about showing her that he actually cares to make her feel more comfortable, even if that means ordering her favorite take-out and watching a Disney movie.

He gives her space to freak out and be moody.

Just as he retreats to give her the space she needs when she’s battling the monster, he also knows when to steer clear of her uncontrollable wrath. If she wants to let the anger wash over her, he leaves her to be. If she wants to cry at the sight of kittens, he lets her without judgement. He knows she’ll snap out of it soon enough. It’s nothing personal towards him.

He understands the situation is temporary.

The most important thing a grown man knows about any woman’s period is that it’s not her permanent state of being. He gets that for a couple days out of the month, she’s going to be a mini hurricane but that eventually, her sun will start shining again after the storm.

He helps her out with the stuff she’s too drained to tackle.

Brunt work and chores can sometimes be a bit too much for her to handle, especially when she’s experiencing the extreme fatigue that comes along with her period. A good man sees this and steps up to help her out where she needs it instead of riding her about what she’s not doing right.

He doesn’t insult her symptoms.

Symptom shaming is a very real and problematic thing women are met with when it comes to her period, but a grown ass man is better than that. He doesn’t call her out for being bitchy or sluggish, nor does he throw the “you must be on your period” line at her to try and trivialize her struggle. He’s empathetic to the fact that she’s experiencing these monthly pains as a warrior badge of honor that she can create human life. She’s a badass goddess, not a hormonal monster from hell.

He’s over that boyish mentality of thinking a period is “gross.”

It’s actually shocking that well into adulthood, some guys still think periods are “disgusting and gross” and make fun of women who experience leaking and other things that sometimes accompany the battle of the month. A grown man however, knows that it’s just part of human life and he doesn’t call attention to the raw and real mess that can occur during her lady time. He shuts his mouth because he’s smart and it’s not a big deal to him.

He doesn’t comment on her YOLO period diet.

She’s well aware that she’s overeating and even though she may be feeling guilty about it, he doesn’t make her feel worse. Instead, a good guy actually rations why it’s okay for her to seek a bit of comfort and solace into a stuffed crust deep dish pizza with all her favorite toppings. It’s just period cravings, not an end game to her otherwise healthy diet.

He doesn’t talk shit and poke the bear – he knows better.

Lastly, a grown man knows that when a woman in on her period, it’s in his best interest to be kind and understanding that she’s going to be a bit off for a few days, but that this too, shall pass. It’s her period, not the apocalypse and he’s not about to poke mama bear at her most volatile time. It’s because a grown man is a smart man and he’d rather be in harmony with the women in his life than act like douche bag and experience miserable conflict for no good reason. Also, a grown man handling a woman’s period with compassion, is one that doesn’t experience her worst states- because she appreciates his efforts wholeheartedly and doesn’t make the experience worse for her with insensitivity.

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