How to Remove Period Blood Stains (and Save Your Clothing's Life)

How to Remove Period Blood Stains (and Save Your Clothing's Life)

Nothing seems to spell disaster quicker than having your favorite garment of clothing ruined by period blood. Tough to remove, period blood stains take some creativity and quick action to avoid having to throw away the item in question.

Since this is more related to blood stains from period blood, everything mentioned will reference fabric (sorry, murderers; you will have to Google blood removal methods on your own time for any non-clothing items).

Removing period blood stains from clothing does not have to be rocket science. With some simple know how, tips, and minimal resources, clothes can be saved from period blood ruination:

Wet Vs Dry

The best chance you have to remove period blood stains is while the stain is still wet. Dry blood stains become set in and difficult to remove. Rinsing the wet stain with cold water will help to reduce or even eliminate the stain, preparing the material for an even deeper cleanse. NEVER use hot water when attempting to remove a stain from fabric as this will ensure ruining clothes. For dry stains, using toothpaste and a toothbrush might be an option. For wet stains, there are a few other options to try.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One magical period blood removal solvent is hydrogen peroxide. Often already in your home or available at most convenience stores, hydrogen peroxide is simple to use when removing stains. On a wet stain, pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the garment (for delicate fabrics, dilute it half with water). Make sure that you spot check the material so that it does not get ruined and only put hydrogen peroxide on the stain, being careful not to get it anywhere else. Wipe away foam and add more foam until the stain is faint or completely gone. Another way to treat the clothing is by soaking the entire garment for 15-20 minutes and rinsing it with cold water.


Who knew that common table salt could be so helpful in removing period blood stains? Mix salt with a little water until it forms a paste. Rub the paste on the stained area. The abrasiveness of the salt and the dehydrating properties loosen the blood and draw it out of the fibers of the garment. Then, rinse it with cold water.

Keep It Simple

The way that you attempt to remove period blood stains depends largely on what you have at your disposal. When resources are scarce, don’t forget about the usefulness of simple things like soap and water. This is usually readily available, so even if you can treat the garment with that until you can get more supplies, that can be helpful. And, as repulsive as it may be, saliva actually works well to remove blood stains. The process for this is simply gathering spit in your mouth, spitting on the stained area, rubbing the stain out, and rinsing with cold water.

Prevention is also key. Selecting tampons and pads that are best suited for your body type and activity level can help to prevent leaks and spills which may threaten your stellar fashion sense. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So, even if there is an accident, follow these steps, which can lead to a possible bloodless victory.

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