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Kate's Dorm Room Esstentials

Jess Banks

Posted on August 30 2017

Going back to school after a memorable Summer of fun can be tough. The thought of swapping your straw beach bag for your worn in backpack is enough to make anyone hit the snooze button (sorry 9am Science class).

To help make the transition from beach to books a little easier, we've put together a list of dorm essentials- from your fave new roomie Kate, to girl power merch; we've got you covered for the next semester.

 1. We promise that your pair of Kate's will become your fave roomie. She'll have your back, and front, whatever challenge you throw at her.
Buy her in a set and save trips to the laundry room. 
2. Feminine Wipes - for after hockey practice or simply a mid-day freshen up.
3. Sleep Mask- because sometimes you do love sleep more than partying.
4. Emergency Chocolate Supply- PMS days or emotional waves, chocolate is a girls best friend. 
5. Netflix Subscription- Nothing says Sunday morning like a Gilmore Girls marathon in bed.
6. Hot water bottle- Unfortunately mom isn't always around for a hug, so this is the next best thing. 
7. Femme care products - Monthly Gift delivers your custom box of tampons, pads and liners straight to your door each month, so you won't have to worry about late night tampon runs.
8. Painkillers - For when chocolate can't get rid of those pesky cramps. 
9. Girl Power Merch- Let your bag do all the talking with this handy travel bag which can double up as a pencil case. Cool AF.

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