How to Manage Your Period AND Live An Active Lifestyle

How to Manage Your Period AND Live An Active Lifestyle

While the terrible cramps, depleted energy and other (1st world) period problems can be a challenge and taking a week-long nap may sound super appealing, it is very possible for many of us to manage our periods and live an active lifestyle. Here’s how:

Be prepared.

One of the greatest hindrances to staying active while on your period is not having the necessary supplies on hand when your period comes. There are few things worse than seeing those beginning blood droplets and not seeing a pad or tampon for miles. Keeping sanitary supplies in your purse or car will make it so that, when your period does come you can take care of it and keep rolling.

Be positive.

There is a lot to be said about maintaining a positive, mental attitude. While no normal, non-sadist enjoys or looks forward to their period, taking it in stride and encouragement to keep going despite feeling like your stomach is in a vice or your battery is on 5%. Keeping your goals in mind can be a great way to muster up the will power to stay active.

Think outside of the box.

The degree to which a woman’s period affects her is directly related to her activity level. For this reason, knowing your limitations is important. Also, creatively finding ways to stay active are great. For instance, maybe getting a solid hour workout at the gym is too daunting, but going for a 20 minute walk might seem doable.

Fuel your life.

Just like a car with no gas will go nowhere, the same is true of people. The period is designed to cleanse by flushing out the very essence of life. So, making sure vitamins, nutrients, and fluids are replaced are vital for the active, menstruating woman. Again, being prepared in this regard will serve you well. Carrying protein-packed snacks and preparing nutritious meals go a long way in fueling an active lifestyle.

There are many benefits which come from maintaining an active lifestyle such as keeping your body healthy, mood regulation, and so much more. It can be hard, though, to maintain such an active lifestyle without taking the steps necessary to stay active. So, quarantining yourself for a week is definitely a right that each American can exercise, it being a free country and all, but it’s not necessary. Maintaining an active lifestyle while on your period is both possible and ideal for happiness and good health. So, take the necessary steps to ensure that you can keep going by being prepared, being positive, thinking outside of the box, and fueling your life. You will be glad that you did.

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