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Menstrual Delights: Legit Tasty Treats to Tame Your PMS Cravings

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Posted on March 17 2017

When your PMS strikes, there’s little anyone can do to avoid the wrath. That’s why we often sequester ourselves, decked out in our comfiest gear with easy access to as many tasty treats as possible.

Many people push healthy “snacks” that sacrifice taste in favor of nourishment, offering helpful tips to avoid sabotaging your “diet” while on your period, and ways to deny your PMS cravings, and those are all well and good. But the truth is sometimes you just want to indulge. And that’s OK too.

As such, we’ve assembled some of the tastiest treats to satiate your PMS cravings. Maybe not the healthiest snacks (compared to say, nothing), but they’ll get the job done RIGHT:

PMS Bites

PMS bites

While binge-watching Shark Tank one day, we were introduced to PMS Bites. These delicious treats are made with gluten free, vegan, and all natural ingredients & herbs commonly taken by women for bloating, cramping and mood swings. Flavors include: CocoNutty and All Kinds of Nuts. Yum.

Avocado Anything


We just love that term “healthy fat” and the fact that Avocado lives there is perfection. The oleic acid and vitamin E in Avocado makes it your BFF in times of need. Crush it up,

PMS Bars

PMS Bars

Another treat made with your PMS needs in mind, PMS Bars is the perfect combination salty, sweet, crunchy, and creamy to knock out your cravings.



Hummus has stood the test of time as one of the greatest snack foods ever whipped up. Not only is it delicious and flexible (really goes with anything), but it’s iron rich so when the Red Dawn strikes, you can feel good about dipping into a vat of crush chickpea magic.

Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt Popsicle


Blueberries and raspberries are great estrogen boosters and dark chocolate is great for PMS because it contains magnesium and mood boosting omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Dark Chocolate Anything


Look for a least 70 percent cacao to experience its max benefits. Dark Chocolate (see above) has magnesium, which helps to alleviate cramps and increase energy, as well as endorphins for an increased sense of wellbeing.

So stock up on the good stuff because winter is coming, my fellow warriors. Don’t let PMS defeat you. Indulge because you’ve earned it.

Featured image courtesy of PMS Bites

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