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MG Asks: What are the Pros and Cons of Birth Control?

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Posted on February 08 2017

Like many things, there are pros and cons to taking birth control, important aspects to consider before deciding to go on the pill. Let’s break them down:

Pros to the pill

Regulate that period

Many women have the standard, monthly menstrual cycle, though, many women do not. There is a difference between having a regular period versus a normal period. You may have a regular period, you just never know when it is coming. That is where birth control can help you. You can know when your period will show up, even if it isn’t the ideal time of the month.

Put those cramps to rest

Have you heard of the girls who go on birth control to have less painful periods? Women are built all different ways, some women have extremely painful cramps, almost mimicking labor contractions every single month. Birth control reduces the cramping of the uterus by inhibiting ovulation and lowering the hormone called prostaglandin, relieving the pain that comes with a period.

Less migraines

Some women before or during their periods get painful headaches. The low dose birth control pill may decrease painful headaches. The birth control pill can help the surge in hormones become more gradual, which will minimize the painful headaches.

PMS Symptoms

Moody, irritable, or depressed during that time of the month? Birth control pills can help prevent the rise and fall in the hormones that make you feel a little crazy. Many women, during that time of the month, get sad, moody, or irritable, then their period comes, and they laugh at how they were acting. The woman’s body is an amazing thing to make us feel not like ourselves.

Cons to the pill

Constant estrogen

Estrogen is one of the hormones women have that rises and falls. When using a birth control pill, the body always has a steady level of estrogen, keeping the body thinking it’s pregnant, so you don’t get pregnant. The downside? A continuously raised estrogen is not good and has led to an increase in breast cancer, blood clotting, migraines, gallbladder disease, increase blood pressure, weight gain, and more.

Yeast Infections

Those who use birth control have a higher risk for yeast infections. Yeast infections are very treatable, and just because you are on a birth control pill does not mean you will ever develop an ear infection, but it is shown that those who have a higher estrogen level (produced by a constant amount in the pill) have a higher incidence of yeast infections.

Fertility Problems

Some women have problems getting pregnant, but have been on the birth control pill and didn’t realize it. When they are ready to get pregnant, they may not be able to because they were on the pill. Masking the symptoms. Birth control themselves do not stop women from getting pregnant after discontinuing. Some women may take a while, even up to a year, to become regular by themselves on their period.

Overall, deciding what to do for birth control options is up to you. Knowing your health history and talking to your doctor can help you make the right decisions for you.

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