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MG Memo: A Look at What's New at Monthly Gift

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Posted on June 26 2017

At Monthly Gift, our mission is to solve your period problems and to make women’s lives significantly easier. And we’re just getting started.

From our brand new box, to a few extra goodies we’ve packed inside, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news:

Brand new box.

In celebration of the “X” chromosome, and all its superpowers, we’ve launched a sleek new box that makes its mark. It’s built to last with looks to kill, it makes for great bathroom storage so you’ll want to show-off this box on your shelf all month long.

Summertime sweets.

With the summer heat, we decided to change things up, while still giving you a sweet treat with your Monthly Gift. We’ve opted out of chocolate for the season, swapping it for something equally delicious so when you pop open your box, you’ll find a choice of Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, or Sour Patch Kids ready to satiate those sweet PMS cravings.

Keeping you clean.

You asked and we answered: we’ve got vaginal wipes in your Monthly Gift box starting July 1st. Dermatologist and gynecologist tested, these Simply Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths are “Infused with botanical extracts to cater to your most intimate parts,” working with your body to help maintain a natural PH. You’ll be getting two cleansing cloths in each box, July will be Mandarin Blossom, and August will be Coconut water.

Please let us know what you think of these new additions. We love (and need) to hear from you!







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