MG. Memo: Inside the Monthly Gift App

MG. Memo: Inside the Monthly Gift App

Let’s admit it: we’re all pretty much always on our phones, regardless of how much we try not to be. And while gramming and emoji-fests with friends via text are good for the soul, why not use these mobile appendages to do your body good too?

Our Monthly Gift app is intended to do just that: to help you stay in tune with your body, on track with your cycle and manage your MG. account subscriptions so you’re always prepared each month. Haven’t tried it? Well, allow us to introduce the features of our smartphone app (available for free download in the app store):

  • Track your period with your monthly forecast so you know to expect when you’re NOT expecting. If you’re hoping to expect, you can track your ovulation too!
  • Get the scoop on your cycle by logging your symptoms so you’re a little more prepped when Hurricane Flo (aka PMS) rips through town.
  • Be your body’s boss by a setting daily reminders for taking birth control, visits to the OBGYN, and more!
  • Manage your Monthly Gift subscriptions to ensure you’re always properly gifted each month!

Technology like this empowers women and we’re all about that. Always remember that it’s your right to #ownyourperiod.

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