Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: February 2018

Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: February 2018

Tracy Allen’s horoscopes have appeared regularly in magazines and online for more than a decade. Her astrology practice draws on her graduate education in counseling psychology and her experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens and adults. Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a private session over phone or Skype. Available in person in NYC!


January 20–February 18

If you started 2018 feeling uncharacteristically antisocial, rest assured you’ve got your groove back this month, courtesy of Venus, Mercury and the sun sauntering through your sign. The added charisma, clarity and vigor they’re lending you will increase your visibility and make it hard for anyone to say no to you. Your birthday season gives you carte blanche to steal the spotlight instead of sticking to the rather Aquarian concept that there’s no “I” in team. So go ahead and be a little self-centered for once! Plan your party, make your wish list, envision what you want out of the year ahead and take steps to make your vision a reality. You’re motivated to achieve sky-high goals, since all those Aquarius planets are challenging overblown Jupiter in your ambition angle during the first half of February. You can certainly make progress, but with go-getter Mars touring your network zone all month, rallying the troops for support wouldn’t be a bad idea. A collab will be even more productive than a solo effort. Group activities will energize you, so you might opt to join cross-country club instead of counting on your favorite playlist to get you through those long runs. On the 15th, a solar eclipse rocks Aquarius, prompting a personal reinvention. Although a fashion or beauty makeover could be fun, solar eclipses are like new moons with superpowers, making this a golden opportunity to consider your whole persona. What vibe are you giving off without even realizing it? What does your body language say about you? Do you claim your space or keep yourself small? Do your mannerisms send a particular message? How would you describe your communication style? What about your facial expression? (Side note: RBF isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re feeling your most fierce and ready to take on the world!) Think about the way you present yourself, and if you want to make a different impression, now’s the time to tweak your image so it reflects the real you.


February 19–March 20

With several planets hiding out in your retreat corner, your solar year is winding down and you’re craving peace and quiet so you can rest and reflect. Don’t feel guilty if you’re tempted to cancel plans and chill by yourself. You need to refill your tank before your birthday season kicks off. Part of you is gearing up for a brighter future, while another part of you is pondering the past. Try to catch yourself if you’re swinging between hope and doubt, and remember we learn from our mistakes. Don’t waste energy beating yourself up! Look for the lessons in your so-called failures. Meanwhile, motivated Mars is charging across the peak of your chart, sending your ambition into overdrive. Take charge of accomplishing your goals rather than waiting for lucky breaks—and work independently if you can. (Mars doesn’t like answering to anybody!) He’s clashing with planets in Pisces on February 17, 25 and 28, which might take the wind out of your sails temporarily. But thankfully, those planets are in sync with Saturn and Pluto in your group zone, nudging you to lean on your friends and take time off from chasing your dreams to enjoy a much-needed GNO. A solar eclipse on the 15th shakes up the house in your chart associated with Pisces stuff like escape. Finding healthy escapes will make it much easier for you to navigate life as a Fish on planet Earth. Altered states are natural and necessary for the last, most complex sign of the zodiac—because you’re not totally of this world. You can enter an altered state via meditation, sleep, drugs and various other means. Some people get lost in movies, music or reading fiction, and others check out by drinking alcohol. Pisces who don’t have a positive escape can be prone to addiction and self-destruction. This eclipse invites you to begin a new spiritual practice; make sure you’re getting enough zzz’s; start a journal to process your emotions; and carve out more alone time to daydream. Your imagination and nighttime dreams are fertile ground for intuitive insights, so don’t sell them short as “not real.”


March 21–April 19

Mars is rocketing through your exploration corner all month, firing you up to take risks in order to learn and grow. Rams are known for their boldness, and your ruling planet’s current position dares you to really push the envelope. Since this part of the chart rules truth and justice, it’s an amazing time to fight for a cause. Don’t give up because you don’t believe you can make a difference. Get out there and back up your convictions with action. Mars is feuding with planets in your subliminal sector during the second half of February, so private insecurity might infiltrate your bravado. Sometimes it’s helpful to identify that little voice in your head (your inner critic or whatever you’d like to call it) and maybe even have a talk with it. Your brave side might ask your scared side what it’s afraid of, and you’ll probably find that your fears diminish after you bring them into the light and examine them. As the first sign, you blaze the trail for the rest of us—and that definitely takes courage. It also takes “Just Do It” simplicity, another Aries trademark. Even so, Venus, Mercury and the sun are camped out in your group zone until the 10th, 17th and 18th (respectively), reminding you that no man is an island. All three of those planets are clicking with Uranus in Aries, emphasizing the fact that your friends get you. Thanks to Uranus, you’ve undergone some radical changes lately, and when you’re being your true self—quirks and all—that’s when you find your tribe. A solar eclipse hits your group zone on February 15, prompting you to keep cultivating a circle of people in your life that reflects your identity, interests, ideals and goals. In that vein, you might join an organization or make a new set of friends based on common ground. If you’re excited about something, teaming up with others who mirror your enthusiasm can be incredibly rewarding, no matter how independent you are!


April 20–May 20

A planetary gathering at the top of your chart compels you to keep a high profile during the first half of the month. You want to make a good impression on authority figures and you can easily turn on the charm when it counts. But your focus on image might make you worry about how a relationship looks to the world when the planets fueling your ambition spar with Jupiter on February 3, 10 and 13. How it feels to you is what matters most. A healthy relationship fosters your growth, and a good partner or friend is your biggest cheerleader. Are you pushing for an important bond to be more than it is? Or are you further along on your path than someone close to you and hoping they’ll catch up? With hot-blooded Mars in your intimacy zone all month, you want closeness to feel super intense. If you’re sexually active, making the first move will be empowering. Show your partner what you want rather than trying to articulate it. Mixing friendship and sex will be dicey around February 17–21 when Mars conflicts with planets in your group sector. You might be torn between hanging with your crew and pursuing a crush, or an attraction to a pal could get complicated. Bulls are very loyal, but don’t get caught up in who you need to be and how you need to act in order to be with certain people. Always start with who you really are, and go from there. The solar eclipse midmonth signals it’s time to embark on a new chapter in your career or set off in a different direction in your life. Change is hard for Taurus, and this is a good chance to embrace it. The part of your chart where the eclipse falls happens to rule the bones in your body. Consider that a metaphor for confidently inhabiting space and standing on your own two feet. In a more literal sense, it’s a great time to start taking better care of your bones by ensuring your daily intake of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K is up to snuff and you’re doing plenty of weight-bearing exercise such as hiking, tennis and strength training.


May 21–June 20

Twins thrive on variety, and with several planets cruising through your exploration sector in early February, you’ll be itching to break out of your routine. You want freedom and a change of scene, but due to gargantuan Jupiter’s ongoing presence in your productivity corner, you also have a pretty full plate of responsibilities. Even if you can’t manage to travel now, you can still get out of a rut by taking an unfamiliar route home from work or school or making a point of talking to people whose world is different from yours. Just because you have a lot to do doesn’t mean you need to get bogged down and bored. A positive work ethic can do wonders for you, so look for more meaning in the tasks in front of you. Focus on the higher purpose they’re serving, or think about who you’re helping with your efforts. Having the humility to perform seemingly mundane duties doesn’t cancel out self-confidence. In fact, your faith in your ultimate purpose fuels you to put in the necessary work. With Mars in your one-on-one angle all month, you’d be smart to recruit a partner to help you get things done—and that goes for not only work, but workouts. An exercise buddy will motivate you to get up and out on a frigid morning and can raise the bar so you keep improving. This Mars placement is also ideal for airing grievances, so get problems out into the open and try to work through them together. Learn how to fight fair rather than dancing around conflict. A Mars-Neptune skirmish on the 17th might trigger a convo about where a relationship is going. Or you could project your frustration onto someone if you’re confused about where your life is headed. You’re better off confronting your own feelings rather than confronting another person during this transit. The solar eclipse on February 15 offers the perfect excuse to create an affirming mantra for yourself, embark on a new course of study, plan a trip or dream up something else you can look forward to in the next several months.


June 21–July 22

A few planets are getting together in your depth-and-sharing house, luring you to focus intently on a specific relationship, passion project or emotional issue rather than scattering your energy far and wide. The solar eclipse in that house midmonth suggests a new intimate relationship or outside resource like a loan or grant might be on the horizon. You may also get deeper insight into your psyche in the next few months, which can help you heal a wound, overcome a fear or recover from a loss or crisis. This eclipse encourages you to be braver about asking for what you need in close relationships, and that includes being more open about sex. Since sex is one of the areas associated with this part of your chart, the eclipse can serve as a reminder to stay on top of your reproductive health by practicing safe sex if you’re active and seeing your gynecologist regularly. On a different note, you can gain a lot of satisfaction from blazing through your to-do list in February while Mars heats up your efficiency corner, and although you’re driven to take care of business, you might need to burn off excess energy with some cardio if you start feeling wound up. Taking things one at a time should keep you from getting overwhelmed. This Mars placement also nudges you to be more proactive about your health, so book appointments if you’re overdue for any checkups. And don’t force yourself to be ultra productive every single day, especially when Mars gets into trouble with murky Neptune in your exploration sector on the 17th, which could cause you to run out of steam and question what you’re doing. Take a break so you can rest or squeeze in a mental or physical escape. Anything from a movie to a weekend getaway should do the trick. Mars continues to struggle with planets in your exploration sector on the 25th and 28th, hinting that you need to schedule a few fun adventures in between all that hard work!


July 23–August 22

Regal Leos are famous for their confidence, and with lots of planetary energy activating your relationship angle as February begins, this is as good a time as any to ask yourself this question: How much of my confidence do I get from others? Your sign flourishes when it’s creating, in large part because you depend on outside feedback to keep you going. You need to put something out into the world for people to applaud you for; otherwise, your appetite for attention can turn you into a bit of a prima donna. What are you bursting to give life to? More and more of your confidence will come from within when you’re striving to fulfill your purpose, to become the person you were meant to be. All of those planets circulating in the part of your chart ruling one-to-one connections invite you to find out more about who you are through your relationships. Try to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Are you the best partner or pal you can be? Also examine your relationship dynamics. Is there a healthy balance of mutual respect? Do your closest bonds serve your emotional growth? A solar eclipse on February 15 suggests you may be ready for more commitment. You could get into a serious relationship in the next few months, or an existing one could move to the next level. Hopeful Jupiter in your roots zone is throwing down the gauntlet for much of the month, so you might have an urge for more security in a specific relationship. Jupiter aims to enhance your inner sense of wellbeing; try focusing on whether this person helps or hinders that process. With Mars in your joy sector throughout February, you’re in the mood to go after what you want, but his spats with planets in your sharing sector underscore the theme that it shouldn’t be all about the reception you get. Be yourself and do what pleases you, without waiting for someone to go along with the program.


August 23–September 22

February gets off to an easy start for you, thanks to a summit of planets in your efficiency corner—the part of your chart that rules Virgo matters like work and health. Since this is your natural house, what you’re supposed to be focusing on is sort of a no-brainer for you. Just watch out for those planets’ clashes with Jupiter in your thinking-and-talking zone, as you’re likely to say yes to practically everything and then feel compelled to do it all perfectly. If you can get yourself to accept that you’re meant to be learning as you go and getting better and better along the way—not miraculously performing every task flawlessly to begin with—you’ll almost certainly be happier and more productive. Virgo is the sign of self-improvement, not perfection! Speaking of which, the solar eclipse midmonth represents your annual invitation to make a fresh start with your wellness. You might begin a new exercise or diet regimen or initiate a steady habit that will improve your health. Solar eclipses are about beginnings, so it’s an ideal time to start a good habit, not kick a bad one. And be sure to set yourself up for success by creating reasonable goals. Mars is zinging through your home angle all month, which will keep you busy around the house. Channeling energy into organizing your place will reap dividends, since a clean space has a way of clearing your mind. The stereotype of neat-freak Virgos doesn’t always hold true, in part because you tend to want things just so and may not have time to do the micro work you prefer. You could be putting off the most basic stuff, waiting for a day when you’re able to get down on your hands and knees for hours with a toothbrush. So don’t feel bad and assume you’re the only Virgo who can’t pass the white glove test. You’re not alone! This Mars placement can also make you irritable, getting you into arguments where you’re not even sure what you’re fighting about. If you stay on top of your moods, you may be able to sidestep that kind of compulsive behavior. Tune into your own emotions before you react.


September 23–October 22

Lucky for you, a solar eclipse in your play sector on the 15th suggests a new romance, creative project or other source of pleasure is just around the corner. You could take the reins and get into a new hobby that will bring you a lot of joy in the coming months. Leisure time isn’t as frivolous and optional as it may seem. Letting loose and being yourself around people is good for you. This part of the chart rules the heart, so the eclipse can prompt you to be more open with your feelings and to take good care of your actual heart, the vital organ. You might think of heart disease as a predominantly male problem, but it’s the leading cause of death for women in the United States. A few common-sense ways to limit your risk: Stay physically active; eat a healthy diet; don’t smoke; limit your alcohol intake; keep your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol at target levels; maintain a healthy weight; and manage your stress. Identify any lifestyle changes that will help you adhere to that list—then use the eclipse as an excuse to make those changes in the next several months. And don’t think of heart health as a chore! At least the first and last tips (being active and de-stressing) can be pure pleasures. Another potential stress reliever in February comes from Mars’s journey through your thinking-and-talking house. Although this transit speeds up the tempo of your brain and daily life, it also prods you to assert yourself and advocate for your ideas. Libras have trouble being direct and sometimes tell people what they want to hear in order to be seen as nice. This month, stick to the motto “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” When Mars and Mercury tangle with Neptune on February 17 and 25, avoid jumping on a health trend without doing your homework because you might be fuzzy on the details. With your ruling planet in your work-and-wellness corner from the 10th on, remind yourself that your body is an invaluable vehicle that carries you through life, and it deserves your utmost respect!


October 23–November 21

With three planets livening up your domestic angle as February begins, Chez Scorpio is calling your name. You’d rather shut the door and get cozy than venture out—and if you do feel like socializing, you’ll have people over or hang with your family. You’re also tuning into your most personal thoughts and feelings and sifting through memories of the past, since your inner world and private self take precedence now. A solar eclipse on the 15th could spell a change in your living situation such as a move or new roomie, but it’s about so much more. An underlying sense of safety centers you, giving you the strength to go out into the world and achieve your goals. You need that home base providing inner security, a solid foundation upon which to build your outer life. Is your home life recharging your battery or draining it? How can you increase your emotional wellbeing? Look at the way you were nurtured as a child for clues to how you nurture yourself. How do you respond to your own feelings? With love? Humor? Impatience? Upping your self-care game starts with caring about how you feel. This eclipse provides the year’s best excuse to start a daily self-care practice such as a relaxing bedtime stretching session or a lunchtime walk through your neighborhood park. And a monthly practice you should launch now if it’s not already part of your routine is a breast self-exam. (The eclipse happens to land in the part of your chart ruling the breasts.) Not sure you’re doing it right? Click here for the how-to’s. Those planets hunkered down at the base of your chart are out of sync with Jupiter in Scorpio, generating tension between nestling in your comfort zone and outgrowing your roots. People who’ve known you forever may have trouble adjusting to the new you. And impulsive Mars is at odds with planets in your pleasure sector February 17–25, which could either tempt you to splurge on something you think will make you happy or create a scenario where a romantic relationship impacts your self-worth. Luckily, heavyweights Saturn and Pluto come to your aid, empowering you to use your head and talk about your feelings.


November 22–December 21

Venus, Mercury and the sun are dancing through your thinking-and-talking corner, calling your attention to your habitual thought patterns and ways of communicating. We all wear grooves in our brain we’re not aware of and get stuck in them, shaping our experiences over and over to fit our perception. Your environment meets your brain halfway, molding to your subconscious expectations. In other words, your thoughts become your reality. And the way you express yourself and interact with people influences your everyday relations, making you a major part of the equation. It’s often a waste of energy to focus on what someone else said or did, when focusing on how you convey your message and conduct yourself can make such a huge difference. A solar eclipse on February 15 coaxes you to adopt a new mindset and way of communicating in the coming months—and it’s worth experimenting to see if doing so shifts your reality. You might also get new info soon, and it may not match up with your subliminal expectations, due to the eclipse’s discord with Jupiter. Since your conscious thoughts are likely to conflict with your unconscious ones, you could end up blowing things out of proportion. Try to tune into what’s going on in the back of your head. If you’re not aware of those hidden hopes and preconceived notions, you won’t fully understand your subsequent emotions. You’re lucky to have Mars in Sagittarius January 26–March 17, mobilizing you to tackle your agenda with gusto. You can make tons of progress during this period and should try to work alone whenever possible so you don’t inadvertently mow anybody down! It’s way more important to have the freedom to do your own thing this month than it is to get people on the same page with you. Mars is battling planets in your comfort angle on the 17th, 25th and 28th, signaling that as driven as you are to accomplish all your goals, you still need downtime to unwind. Listen to your body, and take regular breaks for meals and rest. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. And don’t underestimate the value of peace and quiet! It can be as replenishing as food and drink.


December 22–January 19

February’s early emphasis on your resources encourages you to get clear on what’s most important to you and prioritize accordingly. Your worth house—which is hosting Venus, Mercury and the sun—ties together what you own, what you need, what you have going for you, what you value and how you value yourself. When the way you handle money reflects what you think you deserve, low self-esteem goes hand-in-hand with financial insecurity. If you worry that you’re lacking as a person, you might compensate by accumulating a lot of possessions. Or if you’re scared the universe won’t provide for you, you might cling very tightly to your money and things out of fear for your survival. Maybe you haven’t formulated a financial strategy for your future because you’re hoping it will take care of itself. The solar eclipse midmonth invites you to consider these issues and turn over a new leaf. You might create a budget, start making better use of your natural talents, organize your belongings, adopt a different attitude about money or generate a fresh source of income. Since those planets in your worth house are provoking Jupiter in your network sector, taking care of your needs might conflict with group interests during the first half of February. But once those planets have segued into your thinking-and-talking corner, the mood should lighten. With somber Saturn and intense Pluto camped out in Capricorn, you probably feel a bit cut off from others, since so much is brewing inside you. You’ll be able to overcome that barrier and connect later in the month, particularly on the 15th, 21st, 25th, 27th and 28th. Expressing yourself and meeting new people will be extra gratifying, so make the effort to circulate and communicate. Mars is tucked away in your subliminal sector throughout February, though, which can be rather frustrating, since this placement sometimes leads to self-sabotage. Keep an eye on your motives and try to catch yourself if you slip into an old behavior pattern that works against you. Repressed anger can cause you to shoot yourself in the foot; it’s more productive to confront what’s going on inside you than to act it out with others who probably won’t understand where you’re coming from.

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