Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: April 2018

Monthly Gift Horoscopes by Tracy Allen: April 2018

Tracy Allen’s horoscopes have appeared regularly in magazines and online for more than a decade. Her astrology practice draws on her graduate education in counseling psychology and her experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teens and adults. Follow @astrotherapist on Twitter and email to schedule a private session over phone, FaceTime or Skype. Available in person in NYC!


March 21–April 19

With a pileup of heavyweight planets in your ambition angle, you’re going hard after your goals. But Saturn is holding Mars in check early in the month, compelling you to pull back on the throttle and proceed step by step. “Slow and steady wins the race” said no speed-demon Ram ever, but it’s true in this case. If you force matters, especially around the 26th when your ruling planet runs into Pluto, your take-no-prisoners modus operandi might get you into hot water with higher-ups. On the flip side, that’s the perfect day to align yourself with the gradual (perhaps frustratingly so!) evolution of your career path and put your nose to the grindstone in the name of transformation. Lovely Venus is vibing with several planets from April 7 to April 17, nudging you to know your worth and tap into your talents so you can present yourself in the best light. The new moon on the 15th lands in your sign, providing your annual excuse for personal reinvention. A sense of renewal can motivate anything from a fashion-and-beauty makeover to a bolder presence on social media. And luckily Mercury wraps up its retrograde phase that day, restoring better judgment! Innovator Uranus has been parked in Aries for nearly eight years, giving you an urge for excitement and change. On the 18th, the sun and Uranus come together one last time, daring you to surprise people by showing a different side of yourself. Your need for difference is acute now, so don’t stick to your routine. Uranus’s rebellious, erratic nature has probably infused you with nervous energy at times, triggering impulsive behavior. It’s worth asking what form of freedom feels vital to you in this moment. Once you’ve answered that, see what you can do to liberate yourself.


April 20–May 20

Your ruler, Venus, is gracing Taurus with her magnetic presence until April 24, putting the law of attraction firmly on your side. Since you’ll have no problem drawing everyone to you like a moth to a flame, spend time with people who are good for you. You’re in such a warm-and-fuzzy mood you might have trouble saying no, which is why it’s extra important to weed out toxic types. Venus is flirting with planets in your exploration corner on the 7th, 11th and 17th, nudging you to take risks for the sake of personal pleasure because you’re bound to learn something in the process. Your love life and social life are areas where you should be experimenting and growing now, so don’t play it safe! Venus is also facing off with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle on the 17th, which could set off romantic fireworks or help you connect with someone inspiring. Bulls crave stability, but often that translates to sameness and you might wind up holding onto the status quo for dear life. This opposition can indicate you’ll be roused out of your comfort zone by others and will have the chance to relish new experiences. The sun sails into your sign on April 19, providing a welcome energy boost and marking the beginning of your birthday season. His encounter with Saturn on the 29th encourages you to channel that energy into a calculated risk that will prove to you what you’re capable of. A full moon on the same day reminds you to keep a good balance between me and we, and you might need to cede the spotlight to someone who seems to need it. If a relationship reaches its boiling point, this is an appropriate time to go all in or fold your cards and walk away.


May 21–June 20

You’re not quite bringing your A game during the first half of the month, with Mercury traveling retrograde. And since it’s causing its trademark mischief in your network house, you might really feel the effects in your squad. Merc’s arguments on the 4th and 5th can generate destructive hearsay, so remember to tune out gossip and resist the temptation to overreact. After your ruler powers forward on April 15, things will start to fall back into place in your social life, and you can try to resolve misunderstandings that cropped up in the past few weeks. The new moon also falls on that day, and it’s giving you the go-ahead to join a group or make a new friend. Companionship is super important to Twins—you can never have too many people to talk to! On the other hand, the sun slips into your spirit corner on the 19th, taking your energy down a notch and calling for you to retreat from the world occasionally. Venus is tucked away there for much of April, coaxing you to keep some things private and not focus too much on what other people think. Her links with planets in your depth-and-sharing zone on the 7th, 11th and 17th allude to behind-closed-doors intimacy or introspection that helps you accept yourself. Mars is heating up your libido all month and giving you the chutzpah to be more assertive in bed. If you know what turns you on, take the reins and show your partner! When a full moon hits on April 29, consider that your cue to ditch a bad habit. A health crisis or job stress might point out what needs to go; in any case, it’s time to take something off your plate—literally or figuratively. Research ways to improve your microbiome system (in plain English, your gut health!) and see if anything strikes a chord.


June 21–July 22

Don’t force matters in a relationship during the first week of the month when Mars and Saturn in your one-on-one angle go through a rough patch. Ponder which connections are worth working on, and focus on the positive. A romantic bond that’s rooted in friendship should be on solid ground now. If you have a significant other, April 7, 11 and 17 are good days for getting your crews together or meeting each other’s friends for the first time to make your status more official. Singles might fall hard for a platonic pal on the 17th or meet a promising prospect on social media or out with a group. But that’s also a fantastic date to have a ton of fun with your squad, so you might plan an epic GNO. Block off April 14 and 23 for VIPs only, since lucky Jupiter in your love-and-happiness sector is harmonizing with Pluto and Mars, making it easy for you to enjoy life with your nearest and dearest. With three weighty planets touring your one-on-one angle, your ties to other individuals are definitely under the microscope. But two of those three—commitment-minded Saturn and intense Pluto—are turning retrograde on the 17th and 22nd, suggesting that a relationship could cool down for a while, giving you a chance to mull things over. Watch out for a power struggle on April 26 when Mars and Pluto collide. Control tends to have a dangerous appeal when these two get together. The full moon on the 29th can push a love affair to the brink, bringing a new level of commitment or a breakup. Either way, have faith that it’s for the best. That lunation might also trigger a flood of heartfelt emotion, and it’s vital to have an outlet for your feelings. Crabs are ruled by the moon, so moods are a given with you—find healthy ways to channel them!


July 23–August 2

Thanks to Venus’s presence in your ambition angle, you’ll have success promoting yourself in the first few weeks of April, and the hard work you’ve been doing will enable you to back up this PR with proof that you rock. Your creativity may shine through, bringing you positive attention, or you could attract people who’ll help you get ahead. Leos sometimes get a bad rap for singing their own praises, but your talents speak for themselves with Venus in such an elevated position. Jupiter also has your back, as it encourages you to continue building up your sense of security and cultivating your emotional and physical wellbeing. If you hope to change something in an effort to improve your quality of life (for instance, getting into better shape or eating a more nutritious diet so you feel energized), Jupiter’s confabs on the 14th and 23rd can offer you a tailwind. On April 15, the new moon in your expansion corner, coupled with Mercury wrapping up its retrograde phase there, nudges you to get some perspective. Whether you take a trip, meet people from outside your usual circle or embark on a new course of study, the goal is to become more aware of the world beyond your everyday existence. Transformative Pluto in your productivity house is challenging this lunation and also convening with doer Mars on the 26th. So you could become invested in a cause that you’re finding out more about, then fight to change something and make a difference in others’ lives. A full moon on April 29 grabs your attention with a development in your family or home life that requires you to put your goals on hold for a minute and deal with this domestic issue. Or you might just feel extra sensitive and need downtime to process what’s going on inside you.


August 23–September 22

You’ll be glad to hear that Mercury retrograde will be over on the 15th, easing communication and improving judgment. Although Merc retro can be a nuisance for everyone, Virgos and Geminis tend to feel it most acutely, since it’s your ruling planet. A Mercury-Mars spat on April 4 gets a do-over on April 25, so if you argue with someone, make sure clearer heads prevail a few weeks later. You don’t have to see eye-to-eye, but do fight fair. The new moon—also on the 15th—might kickstart a sexual relationship, and its link with potent Pluto implies your connection will be intense. In addition, this moon is great for launching a passion project you’ll be deeply involved in for months. The day before that also looks promising for creativity, romance and self-expression, and luckily, they’re both weekend days! With Venus and the sun taking turns in your exploration corner and forming alliances with planets in your love-and-happiness house throughout April, you’re meant to take a few risks to get more out of life. Date someone you’d normally swipe left on, dabble in an unfamiliar art form or travel to an exciting new place. Don’t overthink it! One caveat: When Mars and Pluto coalesce on the 26th, you could push the envelope too far and do some damage, so be a practical Virgo that day and rein it in. A full moon on April 29 can cause information overload and make you anxious. The house it’s in rules the lungs, so you might want to try breathing techniques to help you chillax. (This post has loads of options: ) Remind yourself you don’t have to deal with everything coming at you right this second. Your sign has excellent discrimination skills, so single out one thing to start with after you’ve taken all those deep, cleansing breaths.


September 23–October 22

With your ruling planet in your depth-and-sharing zone for most of April, you’re not interested in superficial connections. You want to feel close to someone and value loyalty and history over discovery and newness now. Although you have a gift for clicking with a range of other individuals, this is a period for prioritizing special relationships. Venus blends with planets in your foundation angle on April 7, 11 and 17, so one-on-one time at Chez Libra can solidify a bond and make you feel content. Hanging with family or people who know you well will also do wonders for your mood. If you find yourself alone, introspection can help you accept your whole self and where you are in your life, so don’t feel like you have to fill every free moment with social plans. Planets in your partnership angle are still wreaking havoc (we’re looking at you, Mercury retrograde!), generating some degree of conflict between you and others. Fortunately, Merc resumes forward motion on the 15th, the same day a new moon in that angle implies you’ll continue to meet new people who interest you and might forge a significant bond with one. Since Mars is charging across the base of your chart, you can get tons accomplished around the house and should also have success confronting troubling feelings and memories, especially on the 14th and 23rd. The 26th could go either way because a Mars-Pluto pairing has the potential to generate tremendous transformation or volatility. On the 29th, a full moon shines a spotlight on your material and sensory needs. Shopping splurges are common under this lunation, but make sure your five senses get their due as well. Dab on an evocative fragrance, listen to music that moves you, savor every bite of a meal, wear a soft fabric next to your skin, take a walk and drink in the signs of spring!


October 23–November 21

Planets in your cognition-and-communication sector continue to battle with planets in your efficiency corner, making it challenging for you to walk your talk and execute tasks the way you picture. You can’t quite get your thinking to line up with your doing. Luckily, Venus is dancing through your one-on-one angle, nudging you to enjoy the company of other individuals and reach out to them to partner up. Even though Mercury is backtracking the first half of the month, causing crossed wires, your amiability will ease your interactions and allow you to get on the same page with people. You may even engage in deep conversations that have a positive impact on a relationship or shift your frame of mind. On the 17th, Venus faces off with Jupiter in Scorpio and syncs with Pluto; another person could inspire and empower you that day, so don’t go it alone! Jupiter and Pluto share an encounter a few days earlier (April 14) that’s more about your own enthusiasm fueling significant change in your life and possibly your community. Your mindset is everything now, and you should give the driver’s seat to the most confident, affirming, galvanizing part of you. The 23rd is another great day for motivating yourself to move onwards and upwards. Have the courage to pursue your aspirations and to stand up for what you believe in. When your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, meet up on the 26th, direct your energy toward demanding intellectual work and watch what you say, as there’s a real risk of wounding someone. The full moon in your sign on the 29th can trigger a tidal wave of feels, and it’s your prerogative to put your own needs first for the moment. Spell out what you want from people if you’d like their support, and don’t hesitate to release something from your life if you can identify what’s pushing you over the edge.


November 22–December 21

As much as you want to enjoy life while three planets zip through your love-and-happiness zone, their fights with planets in your resources house mean your finances, priorities or confidence continue to complicate your quest for fun. Lucky for you, Venus in your productivity corner is syncing with the planets in your resources house all month long, helping you find sensible solutions. You’ll get plenty of satisfaction from making yourself useful and doing favors for people, so look for ways to be of service. And if you’re making an effort to improve a relationship, you’ll start feeling better about yourself and the prospect of getting your needs met. Creative work could be the best means of augmenting your income now, so let your inner artiste come out. Your ruler, Jupiter, gels with Pluto and Mars on the 14th and 23rd, giving you a subtle sense that your trademark optimism is well-founded. Mercury finally turns direct on April 15, the same day a new moon coaxes you to keep seeking new sources of pleasure—not to mention new love! A fulfilling hobby or exciting crush could be just around the corner. The Venus-Jupiter faceoff on the 17th might inspire a generous sacrifice motivated by compassion for others’ suffering and a belief that we’re all connected. The full moon on April 29 lands in the last house of your chart, where Jupiter has been hiding out, bringing your interior life to the forefront. Pay attention to your dreams (including your daydreams), as they tend to contain interesting messages under this moon. This house also happens to rule the feet, and since sandal season is right around the corner, it’s a good time to get back in the pedicure habit if you slacked off over the winter. Or book a reflexology session to soothe your soles and your soul!


December 22–January 19

With Mars, Saturn and Pluto all ensconced in Capricorn, you’re not messing around. You have the drive to further your own interests and go after what you want. A Mars-Saturn meetup early in the month could spell a roadblock, but if you think of it as more of a speedbump, you’ll be fine. Conserve your energy, channeling it prudently and doing your work with care. And resist the urge to take out frustrations on someone else! Pesky Mercury, who’s still in backspin mode, is provoking Mars and Saturn, which could keep disagreements from last month going. Again, it’s best if you avoid overreacting because miscommunication is a signature of Mercury retrograde. When the sun and Pluto clash on the 10th, you might feel torn between chilling at home and taking on the world, but fortunately, Venus’s chemistry with Mars in Cap the next day is apt to remind you that life is too short not to savor moments of pleasure when they come your way. In fact, Venus is warming up your love-and-happiness zone and canoodling with planets in your sign from April 7 to April 17, pulling you out of an all-work-and-no-play headspace and luring you to chase after your heart’s desires. Romance, creative fulfillment and fun can all be yours for the taking. Jupiter in your network sector is in cahoots with planets in Capricorn on the 14th and 23rd, giving you a chance to benefit from your personal or professional connections and feel supported by your squad. The full moon on April 29, however, calls for you to juggle group interests with personal pleasure, and you may need to be there for a friend. On the 17th and 22nd, Saturn and Pluto shift into reverse until September, which might make you feel less outwardly effective and more focused on your internal process of change and growth.


January 20–February 18

Keep tabs on your subliminal motives this month while provocateur Mars barrels through your subconscious corner. You might fall into an old behavior pattern and inadvertently undermine yourself. It’s a good idea to work behind the scenes without expecting a lot of recognition during this period; private projects and charitable endeavors should go fairly well. Venus is nestled in your domestic angle, so you’re in the mood to stay home anyway and maybe hang out with family or people who feel like family. Her confabs with Saturn, Mars and Pluto between the 7th and 17th favor low-key pleasures, and they also suggest that grappling with buried emotions and seeking closure will make you feel more at peace with yourself. Venus faces off with Jupiter on the 17th, which might make you feel conflicted between lounging at home and chasing after your goals. But you can combine the two by throwing an ambitious party or overindulging in the comforts of home. On the 15th, Mercury moves forward in your cognition-and-communication house, and a new moon lands there as well. Plus the sun convenes with your ruling planet in that house on April 18. So the planets are signaling it’s time to shake up the way you think and express yourself. When you consider that your thoughts shape your reality, you can choose to shift your mindset in an effort to manifest the changes you wish to see in your life. And try to imagine how altering the way you convey your message and interact with people could also generate further change. Even though a few planets are churning up heavy stuff in your psyche, beneficent Jupiter is gelling with two of them on the 14th and the 23rd, linking your ability to make your mark in the world with your ability to deal with that dark matter. Facing your demons will be so worth it!


February 19–March 20

Thanks to Venus’s trip through your thinking-and-talking corner, you won’t have a problem seeing the best in others and appreciating bits of beauty in your environment. You’ll also feel natural expressing your affection and drawing in people you’d like to meet. When Venus syncs with planets in your network zone on April 7, 11 and 17, you should make a point of reaching out to friends, peers and professional contacts. Teamwork should go smoothly, as you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of collaboration. If it’s networking you have in mind, you can turn on the charm and still come across as genuine. Neptune’s presence in Pisces has shrouded your identity, but its’ links with Venus and Mars on the 12th and 14th will help the real you shine through. Also on the 14th, Jupiter confers with Pluto, giving you an opportunity to learn from the impressive network of people in your life, share a memorable experience with friends or do something alongside others to make a difference in the world. And FYI, the 23rd may bring a similar opportunity or a chance to continue what began on the 14th. When Mars and Pluto fuse on April 26, the power they generate can be a good thing or a bad thing. People may jockey for position in a group and try to wrest control. But if you all coordinate your efforts effectively, working for a humanitarian aim, you’ll have a big impact. A full moon on the 29th pushes you to move beyond something in your belief system that’s held you back. Maybe your mother instilled an idea in your head from her own generation, and it’s limited the possibilities you envision for yourself. Or perhaps another influence like social media has convinced you you’re too this or too that. Now’s the time to put a detrimental belief to rest once and for all.




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