MG Asks: Do You/Would You Smoke Weed to Help With Your PMS?

MG Asks: Do You/Would You Smoke Weed to Help With Your PMS?

If you’re ever at Pub Quiz and you get a question about Queen Victoria’s cannabis habits, stop before you answer and remember this: Yes, it’s true: the queen was given cannabis by her doctors to help with period pain.

It’s not a new conversation, but it seems to be back in the zeitgeist: smoking weed to help with PMS. Research shows that pot can help lessen period pain, but there continue to be concerns on the overall healthfulness of the remedy.

To get some real answers, we asked some of our lady friends what they thought about smoking weed to help with PMS.

“I haven’t and wouldn’t consider it. I tried weed twice and it made me crazy. I go the ibuprofen route.”

“Before I got sober – which makes me markedly n/a for all these kinds of questions – I’m sure I would have smoked to treat my cramps. I would have done whatever I could to not feel pain of any kind, but that’s a conversation for another time…”

“I definitely would and do… for everything…”

“Would consider, but haven’t done it (I don’t think). I’ve smoked weed to help nausea and headaches though so I would definitely be open to trying it for cramps.”

“I would consider it. I do believe that weed is useful for many things. But I don’t specifically recall using it for cramps, no. And now I can’t smoke because of work otherwise I would experiment and get back to you.”

So where do you stand? Share your comments and leave your thoughts below.

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