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Jess Banks

Posted on May 07 2017

This Summer, Kate is challenging you to take on the #28DayChallenge and live every day, like any other day!
No matter what time of the month, equipped with your new fave sidekick - your pair of Kate’s - nothing can hold you back from reaching your full potential!
We’re daring you to destroy all stigmas and go about your business, without worrying about your business:
White jeans on a night out? No problem! Taking up trampolining? You bet! Going commando in your next yoga class? Absolutely! Wearing grey leggings at the gym? Why not! Reaching for your old, stained undies? Not anymore! – The list is endless and we’ve got you covered for all of it.
Fusing our Underlux technology with fashion forward thinking, Kate is breaking down the barriers that have been holding women back whilst testing the limits in our lace and mesh undies.
28 days. One cycle. Are you ready for the challenge?


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