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Victory for Women: Community & Conversation Around Bleeding Disorders

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Posted on March 29 2017

March is Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month and we have partnered with the National Hemophilia Foundation to help educate on these important issues and engage with the community. We want to raise awareness and to empower individuals to take control of their health.

Introducing NHF’s Victory for Women: a unique forum for self-expression and conversation. This wonderful new initiative is focused on developing and nurturing community for individuals suffering from bleeding disorders.

Suffering in silence is never the answer; there are lasting emotional, psychological and physical implications that come with this resignation. This includes denial and self-diagnosis, both of which can cause major health problems.

Knowing that there is an active community is crucial, a place for contact and connection, where similarly inflicted individuals can come together to share stories, make art, and help each other to heal.

The community is growing, with members original and shared content, advice and relevant news to their cohort, all in an effort to support and empower each other – this is the best sort of movement.

For those suffering from bleeding disorders, of which there are many, Victory for Women is the place where true emotional recovery is possible. The National Hemophilia Foundation, through providing programming and an online platform for sharing, has opened this crucial conversation and paved the way to help countless people.

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