Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

A slew of sunny days stretch out in front of us as summer creeps near and we’ve got all sorts of plans (most of which involve cut-offs and imbibing on some delicious drinks).

While we scheme on how best to celebrate the new season, click through and catch up on some recent happenings:

Tsai Ing-wen sworn in as Taiwan’s first female president!

A new (and totally badass) type of female lead emerges at Cannes Festival this year.

Get in the know of 15 female founders building killer tech companies.

Take a fascinating look into the Dating Life of a 20-Something HIV Positive Girl.

We’re ready for the Age of Kickass Female Superheroes. Are you? Good. Because it’s happening.

Five states have axed the tampon tax and NYC’s is awaiting a signature. Come on now!

Kesha took the stage with Ben Folds at his LA concert this week to perform a stunning Bob Dylan tribute. Later in the week it was announced that her performance at the Billboard Music Awards was back on. We’re watching. Are you?

Robin Wright, Claire Underwood, we love you whoever you are. Robin talked at the Rockefeller Foundation about empowering women.

Ahem. Oh, yeah. And more asinine abortion laws creep uncomfortably close to passing in Oklahoma.

Photos courtesy of Floaty

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