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Yoga 101: Back to Basics

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Posted on May 19 2016

It’s sort of universally agreed upon that yoga is pretty great, right? It helps with many aspects of our health and is an awesome tool for balancing and relaxing in times of… let’s call it “stress”.

For all the novices among us who are still just trying to touch our toes, we put together a little beginner’s guide to yoga. Try out these basic poses that will help get you namaste’ing like a pro.

yoga basics 2

There you have them: the building blocks of yoga. The sequence in Surya Namaskar is the total package. The sun salutation is a sequence of poses deigned to energize, to strengthen your core, to focus your mind and to center you in your heart. Originally it was meant to be done in the direction of the sun, everyday at dawn and sunset. Anytime of day, you can salute the sun with this sequence and by setting an intention of gratitude, awe and respect for Earth’s greatest energy source, the Sun. What a great way to establish a relationship between your body and breath with nature! Try 10 sun salutations and rest in savasana.

You’ve got this!

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