What's the Deal with Getting Acne Before or During Your Period?

What's the Deal with Getting Acne Before or During Your Period?

Alright, we’ve all gotten those terribly inconvenient pimples that seem to appear perfectly in sync with our PMS and suddenly everything is just the worst. Like most things cycle-related, there’s a reason.

One to two weeks before your period, your hormone levels rise and fall. The hormone called estradiol falls, while the testosterone increases. In turn, sweat glands are stimulated and acne forms.

So what can you do?

Stop touching your face

With the build up of oil on your skin, pores become clogged, especially on your face. It is easy to touch your face – it’s so close and pretty. When you touch your face, though, you bring extra dirt from your hands, etc. Be mindful of leaning on your hand at your desk (try to a new daydreaming position) and stop messing with any perceived imperfections on that lovely visage of yours.

Wash your makeup brushes and… your cell phone

Makeup is fun, it’s true, and it certainly helps when you have acne. But if you don’t clean your brushes, you can spread bacteria onto your oily skin, which is especially vulnerable at that time of the month. Wash your brushes often with a mild soap, like baby wash, and let them completely dry. Also, wash your hands before applying makeup to your face to decrease your breakouts. Many germs can live on your cell phone, and people do not realize how dirty their phones are. Be mindful!

Shower after the gym

If your gym offers showers, take advantage of this when your skin is at its worst. Producing excess sweat is not needed this time of the month. Hit the shower immediately after the workout to wash the oils away from your chest, back, and face.

Start on the Pill

The birth control pill helps block the increase in the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones also rise one to two weeks before your period, and with it comes a buildup of oil within your skin.

Take these easy steps before your next period and see if you notice a decrease in your acne.

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