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What's the Deal with Spotting Between Periods?

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Posted on October 13 2016

Like so many things happening down there, spotting between periods is not uncommon.

Reasons why women spot between periods

Normal spotting may occur after 3-5 days of your regular period. There are many reasons a woman may spot between her periods. These include:

  • Hormonal changes – Fluctuations with your hormone levels can make you have spotting between periods. The menstrual cycle is revolved around women’s hormones and the elevation and decline of estrogen and progesterone. Spotting before a period may indicate low progesterone levels.
  • Stress – It is rare, but believe it or not, stress can cause you to spot between periods.
  • Change in medication – Sometimes when you change medications, especially birth control pills, you can spot. Some birth control medications may make you spot for the first few months on the pill, sometimes referred to as “breakthrough bleeding.”

Some of the more serious reasons include:

  • Pregnancy – About a quarter of women spot when they are pregnant. It is harmless and usually resolves early in the pregnancy.
  • Cancer – Cancer of the gynecological areas may result in irregular spotting between periods
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease – If you have a sexually transmitted disease or a yeast infection, the cervix may become inflamed and red, sometimes causing some spotting.

If you are experiencing bleeding between periods, it is wise to visit your doctor to determine the cause. Do not ignore it because it may lead to other conditions if you let it go.

Word of Caution

When spotting between periods, if you ever feel:

  • Dizzy
  • Extremely tired
  • Develop a fever
  • Fill one pad in an hour

You need to seek medical attention immediately because your blood pressure may become too low if you lose too much blood, or if you develop a fever, you may be infected and need medication.

Now how’s that for a fact-filled period post!

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